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123RF stands for 123 Royalty Free. As its name implies, this microstock website provides a royalty free digital media library with guaranteed quality which means that they do not only provide images, but also footages (videos). 123RF has progressed so well over the years and has now gathered a huge number of quality contributors to support its development and enrich its library with quality images and footages.

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For most customers and contributors that use stock images agencies, 123RF is surely in their top 5. Customers really enjoy the prices the website offers to buy stock photos as well as videos. The convenience of browsing and file selection is also important. The website is easily navigated even for a new visitor. You can also get daily Free Stock Images which as its name implies is absolutely free. Meanwhile for the contributors, the incentives offered is very interesting and noteworthy. Just for your information, the contributors for this microstock agency will receive 30% royalty for any credit sale and $0.216 per subscription download; a good price for selling your works. Besides that, there is also ranking system which will allow any contributors to get a raise based on their hardwork and files quality.

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The number of files available in 123RF currently numbers over 18 millions (at the time this article was created). What a number! This number is real proof that this website is a serious “contender” for the other microstock websites on the web. Who will know what they will be capable of in next 4-5 years. Speaking of quality of its files, the stock images and stock footage available will not let you down. Every single picture and video submitted into this website has undergone a careful selection process to ensure its quality. Images and footages are updated daily which also means that this website does not lack artists’ attention.

If you are a potential customer who is interested in buying images or footages at 123RF, the first thing you’ve got to do is of course sign up. There is an option for buying images either by subscription or credit. You can choose whichever is most suitable to your needs and wallet. You can also pick some pictures and add them into your lightbox. The Lightbox is a kind of personal folder for containing your selected and favorite images or footages. Putting files in lightbox will make your job of selecting and deciding the best images and footages easier. Besides that, if you ever want to see your favorite files at a later date, you can simply pull up a previous lightbox.

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If you are a photographer, illustrator, or videographer, and you are interested in contributing to this website, you can also register register here. The account for buyers and contributors are integrated, so you do not need different account if you are going to do buying and selling. The registration process is also the same with the buyer account; with the addition of some other information (like the name of company you are working for, phone number, paypal email, and so on) if you want to be become a contributor, You’ll need to upload a minimum 10 JPEG images to be evaluated first. Uploading files into its server is very convenient due to a good FTP uploading system. Once your sample images are examined and you are notified about the approval, you are ready to sell your works and access all features that this site offers.

123RF is one of the most promising microstock agencies on the internet. It offers great advantages for both buyers and contributors. So, do not wait too long. Try it now and experience it yourself.

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  1. I’ve been using 123rf for at least 6 years and am thrilled with the selection and service I receive from them. Highly recommend!