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Beautiful and distinct logo are one of the hallmarks for any great businesses. It seems really easy at first to design a great logo but if you have been through the process, you will know the subtleties that go into any well known logo. Great logo designers put a lot of thought into the use of colours, fonts, placement etc to come up with a logo that represents the company well and can be well recognized in the future.

Unfortunately, the cost of getting a well designed logo can be high. Not only that, you typically have limited choices to the designs offered by a single logo designer or company. Well, if what I described sounds familiar, it is time to try a new and more efficient way of getting your logo designs: crowd source it!

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Let me introduce Logo Arena for your future logo designing needs.


What is Logo Arena

Logo Arena is a marketplace for crowd sourced logo designs. They have a large pool of professional logo designers waiting to meet your logo design requirements once you have posted your project. All you need to do is to create a project on Logo Arena and the designers will submit their work to you.

The company was founded in 2010 and has since grown to a mature marketplace for logo designing.  It evolved from an auction based ecommerce site that one of the founders used to run.  Today, it is a thriving platform that has served quite a number of happy customers.


Benefits of using a crowd sourcing platform

Using crowd sourcing has some benefits that a traditional logo design company or individual can’t offer:

  • 50 to 200 designs: This is one of Logo Arena’s most attractive feature. Each project you crowd source can attract at least 50 to 200 logo designs for you to choose from. This will never be possible using a  one to one design process. If you need proof, visit this page to see the current projects in progress and look at the number of entries submitted. If you examine, in particular, those projects that are ending soon, you can see quite a high number for each project.
  • Easy process: The actual submission process is easy. Simply create a project, list your requirements and let the submissions fly in. You can also request for revisions on any logos that you have selected for fine tuning purposes.  To ensure you get the designs you want, you need to be as detailed as possible on your requirements. I will say this portion will require the most effort from you.
  • Affordable cost: The prize money for each logo is around a couple of hundred dollars. For the number of designs you can receive, this is quite an affordable sum.  Due to its value for money proposition, it is no surprising to see many companies using Logo Arena for its logo designing needs.


Below is a sample of their winning entries. Take a look to see the quality of their submission. If you want more samples, click here to view.

logoarena review 2

Logo Arena is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for logo designs in 2015.  If you used the service, let me know your experience in the comments below.

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1 Comment

  1. Ryan Mayer says:

    With all due respect, supporting sites like this one is really, really sad.

    The “contest” offers no compensation for potentially thousands of people who might submit work to the competition that are not selected as the “winning” entry. This contest preys on our youth’s desire to earn a living and build a reputation.

    Creative contests for design, writing, photography, and illustration, in which participants are not compensated for their time and intellectual property, are requests for speculative work also known as “spec work”. This is work performed without any guarantee of reasonable compensation. The practice ultimately abuses the very communities they often claim to engage. Spec contests often use “community engagement” or “exposure” for the designer as a way to lure participants in. The spec work practice is considered unethical in almost every industry and you and should consider worldwide communication design best practices and ethical policies.

    So disappointing…