10 Effective Pinterest Tools For Analysis Pins

Pinterest is an awesome social networking website where you have the ability of ‘pinning’ the things you like on your ‘boards’. There you can form a community with people who share your interests. It already has a huge user base and people are addicted to it, but still it lacks some features which could make it even better.  But thanks to all the helpful and nice developers out there, they have developed many tools which can help in ameliorating the usability of Pinterest. These amazing tools give you the ability of analysing, pinning, discovering and sharing in a much better and efficient way.

We have a list of 10 Effective Tools for Pinterest for Analysis Pins. These tools will enhance the functionality and usability of Pinterest, and make your experience worthwhile. Check this list out and pick the tools you like!



As the name suggests, this one is a Pinterest analytic tools. It allows viewing statistics about your personal Pinterest account and some of the overarching Pinterest trends. It lets you see a history of repins for your account, your most popular pins and a sophisticated analysis of your followers. General statistics show you the top Pinners, trending pins and the sort of content which is getting the most attention.

Pin Search

Requirement: Google Chrome

Pin Search

This one does exactly what its name says, it searches. Pin Search is a Chrome plugin that lets you perform a Google search of any picture on Pinterest. All you have to do is to right-click and search to find similar images. The result of this search would show you all locations where the image appears and details about the pictures’ creator. You also see the search button on hovering over an image.

Woobox Pinterest Tab


If you wish to increase the exposure of the content on your Pinterest, then you should try using Woobox. It allows creating tabs for Facebook pages with content such as coupons or sweepstakes.It also has an app which helps you put your Pinterest onto a tab on your Facebook page. This thing can obviously get you more views on your Pinterest.



Sometimes you find a website full of amazing content such as images etc, but you can’t pin it as a whole, and you have to pick a single image or pin each image one by one. This can be quite irksome, so this is where this tool comes to help as it allows pinning an entire website screenshot and not just a single image!  All you are required to do is simply to type in the url of the website and this tool will automatically generate a screenshot for you to pin. This is definitely quicker than doing all this manually.



This one is a really cool tool for finding new and interesting content for sharing on Pinterest. The default inbuilt search bar of Pinterest is not that satisfactory, so this is where SpinPicks can help you. SpinPicks lets you view pictures on its website by category etc. Then sharing those pictures on any social networking website is possible. It is definitely a great way of finding new content for sharing.



Pinstamatic is a great tool that allows pinning a variety of new content types. Using this tool you have the ability of pinning the entire websites, sticky notes, spotify tracks, quotes, twitter profiles, calendar dates and specific locations etc. The variety of things it offers obviously makes it stand out from the rest. It is an all-in-one tool.


Requirement: Google Chrome


Pinzy is a really nice Google Chrome plugin for Pinterest that allows hovering over a pin and viewing its larger zoomed in version, without even clicking on it.  If you use any other browser, then there is no need to worry (or change your browser) as many similar plugins are available for other browsers too.



It is a really cool analytics tool for Pinterest which shows you your pinpuff or ‘pinfluence’ score, which is your influence on Pinterest. You can also see your detailed page wise score and your ‘reach,’ ‘activity’ and ‘virality.’ If you have a high score, you have the ability of then signing up for PinPerks. PinPerks lets you make some money, or get gift cards etc for pinning and having an enhanced influence.

Share As Image


This tool was formerly called ‘Pin a Quote’. It simply allows saving text from the web as an image, and then pinning it to your Pinterest as an image. All you have to do is highlighting the text and then using its bookmark for creating an image to pin. You will find the free version satisfactory if you wish to pin only a few quotes, but if you want to pin a lot of quotes then try using the pro version as it also offers customizing font, color and size etc.

Pinterest Right-Click

Requirement: Mozilla Firefox

Pinterest Right-Click

As the name suggests, this plugin lets you pin an image by simply right-clicking on an image and then selecting the option of pinning the image to Pinterest while using Mozilla Firefox. You can get similar plugins for other browsers too, for instance, Pinterest Pro is a similar plugin for Chrome.

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