How to use PWA in Magento 2?

PWA or Progressive Web Apps is one of the most popular and young concepts. For the first time, the new technology was presented by specialists from Google back in 2015. The key feature of PWAs is that they are able to transform standard websites into apps that are available for interaction with users via the browser of a mobile device. At the same time, the launch of such a concept from a stationary computer will take place in the mode of a standard web resource. 


PWA work in Magento 2 Features

Progressive Web Apps is a technology that meets three basic criteria from Google: speed, reliability, attractiveness. It became possible to achieve these characteristics due to the competent use of modern web tools and technologies. In particular, the following was involved:

  • Service Worker;

  • web application manifest;

  • secure HTTPS protocol;

  • push notifications;

  • app shell, etc.

Due to the modernized approach in terms of technologies, users are able to: install PWA directly from the browser (bypassing app stores), receive online notifications, and work with the website without a stable Internet connection.

As for the functional features of PWA, they are based on the Service Worker script and simultaneously cache data. After these procedures, the View data is loaded in accordance with another event or user request. Upon completion of the event, the Service Worker switches to standby mode until the user asks the system for a new request.


Advantages and differences of PWA in Magento 2

Most professionals give preference to progressive web apps due to several advantages and distinctive features over native software.

Compared to standard apps, PWA technology does not use the memory of user devices for loading. Thanks to this feature, users do not experience problems, they do not have to optimize the free space on their devices by deleting data.

The next significant advantage of progressive web applications is the ability to perform offline updates for which you no longer need to visit app stores like Google Play or the App Store. The update process is carried out in a fully automatic mode, so it does not require any action from the user side.

Extended support deserves special attention, which covers all popular browsers today. In addition, the PWA concept is ideally compatible with any mobile device, regardless of screen size and other physical parameters.

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