3 Hacks To Make The Tiktok Algorithm Work To Your Advantage

TikTok has been used by millions of people across the world. TikTok becomes a massive entertaining app with free access. Many people have become famous for using TikTok in modern-day. When you like to attract more audiences in TikTok, then it is important to know about the TikTok algorithm. When you are using the right strategy in TikTok then you would see great results in reaching more numbers audience.  The algorithm used in TikTok could seem quite mysterious and complex. Recently, TikTok revealed the exact process of how it works. The TikTok algorithm can be easily influenced by the hashtags you use, music choices, location, and likes on videos. It is quite an awesome option for enabling the complete intel on the brands as well as businesses to easily get more engagement with TikTok videos.



How The Tiktok Algorithm Works?

Normally, the Algorithm used in TikTok is quite unique, and recently, TikTok has revealed its methodology by putting an end to the speculation and rumors. The main objective of TikTok is to keep the video of the user securely, and it focuses more on the TikTok algorithm using a Matching Engine. Normally, this Matching Engine would take video classification by showing the user on better preference.

  • Video classification is mainly based on characteristics such as
  • Audio / Music
  • Hashtags / Text Description

Users’ preference in TikTok will be tracked with the action of the videos that are previously seen.

  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Comments

The number of % Watched is most important in TikTok. When a video is watched more numbers of times, then it would gain higher with completion ratio. When the user of the Tiktok gives “Likes” for the videos, then the TikTok algorithm would automatically match the video based on the characteristics or preferences suitable for the user. A tiktok influencer marketing campaign helps the influencers to make, share, and live streaming videos. The tikTok algorithm would mainly narrow down the preference when you are watching the videos based on the relevant categories.

  • Post Video
  • Push to Viewers
  • Number of Followers
  • Rating Ratio
  • Evaluation of Performance
    • Completion Ratio
    • Likes
    • Comments
    • Shares
  • Rating Ratio Requirement
  • End Push to Viewers


Hacks To Make Tiktok Algorithm Work To Your Advantage:


Video Length And Loops:

Posting short videos with a length of 10 to 15 seconds is mostly preferred for the audience. Shorter videos are most preferable by the user as they are lack attention span. Seamless loop videos would mainly increase the chance for viewers so that it would be quite easier to watch them multiple times. It is also quite favorable for the completion ratio. Adding the Video with teasers also helps to easily build up where viewers twatch. Use “See what happens next”, ‘to be continued”, “Wait for it,” or any other could add more suspense. An influencer promotes your brand as well as makes it attractive to the followers.


Posting When Audiences Are Most Active:

When you are posting the content, when the audience is active it would be easier to make sure they see the content. Now you have TikTok’s Pro Accounts, which is quite an efficient option for viewing the audience analytics. Some of the peak posting times includes the EVENING (6 PM) as well as NOON (12 PM). Users will be using the app browsing during these times. TikTok analytics have higher in-depth with Instagram analytics so that you can easily know about gaining a better understanding.


Use Of Trending Hashtags And Locations:

TikTok videos creators can easily use the trending hashtags in the video description so that it would be quite an efficient option to easily add the TikTok profile location. TikTok serves only the hyper-local content for the viewers to make a community-oriented feed. Using the trending Hashtags along with location could be quite an efficient factor for allowing more users to access your page. Finding TikTok Influencers is also quite an efficient option. Influence Grid is one of the leaders in giving you better viewer engagement.


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