Top 10 android apps for free mp3 music download

In the life of a music lover, four things are certain: life, death, taxes, and music. While we couldn’t help you in finding the former three things, we could certainly offer our helping hand in case you are looking for the fourth.

Although the genre of music that all of us love to hear could differ, there is one thing all of us could agree upon: music is life for us. Not only do we love to listen to music, most of us cherish finding it before eventually downloading and listening to it.

In the good old days, the process of listening music on our mobile phones consisted of three stages: finding the music, downloading it on the PC and then transferring it to the Android Smartphone.


However, thanks to the ever-evolving technology, we are just a few clicks away from listening to our favorite brand. Thus, whether you want to listen to Music on the go without the Internet or listen to it on streaming sites, there are numerous options available.

Thus, if you’re a music enthusiast who wants to listen to music without the internet, we have compiled a list of music apps for you that will solve your problem. These music apps not only allow you to listen to Music offline, but they also enable your device to download almost all types of free music.

Here are top 10 Android Music Downloader Apps.


1: Free Mp3 Downloads

As suggested by its name, this app has gained huge popularity among the music lovers. One of the best features of this app is that it allows you to search for “free music”. While you might ask what different does it makes, allow me to tell you that while there are thousands of sites streaming free music, only a handful of them allow you to download it.

Thus, by compiling the list of those sites, the Free Mp3 Downloads App will save you a lot of time and energy.

[Download from Playstore]


 2: SoundCloud Mp3 Download

If you’re looking forward to searching and buying premium music online, the SoundCloud Mp3 Download App won’t disappoint you. However, in addition to “buying” music, there are tons of songs available on its platform that is free to use. Thus, you could download them without spending a penny.

[Download from Playstore]


 3: Simple Mp3 Downloader

When you will download this app, the first thing that will enamor you is the user-friendly interface of this app. With just three menu bars: Music, Downloads, and Library, this app has got itself out of the complexities which are a part and parcel of other Music Apps.

[Download from Playstore]


4: Mp3 Music Download

If you think that your internet plan doesn’t permit you to download the music, turn to Mp3 Music as in addition to downloading music, this app allows you to listen to it even without downloading. One of the best things about this app is its music library. It has compiled millions of songs in a myriad of languages which means whether you like Western or Hindi songs, this app has got you covered.

[Download from Playstore]


5: iTube Mp3 Music Download

Courtesy of its library which is a home to millions of Non-pirated songs, you could download music from this platform for absolutely nothing. And like all the other apps in this article, all those songs won’t cost you a penny.

[Download from Playstore]


6: Music Download Paradise

In addition to acquiring a catchy name to lure the public towards itself, the Music Download Paradise App lets you download a large number of songs for your Android Phones and tablets. In addition to the songs, this app also allows you to discover and download music effects.

[Download from Playstore]


7: Music Mp3 Download Copy Left

In order to download music from this platform, all you need is a working internet connection. As with an inbuilt music player, a music library, and a huge music searching platform, this app might prove to be addicting for you.

[Download from Playstore]


8: Mp3 Download Player

If you come across a new song and wonder whether to download it or not, consider Mp3 Download player as it allows its users the opportunity to preview the songs before downloading them. Afterward, if you like the song that you just heard on this app, you could download it for free.

[Download from Playstore]


9: SuperCloud Song Mp3 Downloader

Similar to the Mp3 Download player app, this application gives you the freedom of listening to the songs before downloading them. Also, with an immaculate downloading speed, this app is a must-have for your mobile phone.

[Download from Playstore]


10: 4Shared Music

While this app has nothing to do with the website, it still has a library of music that rivals any of the aforementioned applications. In addition to listening to your favorite songs, downloading them in your Android Smartphone, this app gives you the opportunity to create playlists. Hence, if you want to listen a track time and again, this application allows you to add that song to the playlist.

Another positive feature of this app is its huge storage space. While our mobile phones often get out of space, this app provides you an online platform of 15GB storage where you could store your favorite songs.

[Download from Playstore]


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