Best wordpress dropbox plugin for 2013

Dropbox has become one of the most commonly used cloud hosting service. As a result, wordpress plugin developers have created a number of useful plugins that can automatically backup our wordpress sites. Some even went a step further and gave us options to only back up certain parts of our site such as the contact or signup form. Regardless of the functionality, there is a wide range of useful wordpress dropbox plugins for us to choose. Here are 10 of the best for 2013.


UpdraftPlus Backup

wordpress dropbox plugin 1

UpdraftPlus backup offers plenty of options for you to backup your wordpress site. Dropbox is just one option. With this plugin, you can also backup to Amazon S3, Google Drive, Rackspace etc.



wordpress dropbox plugin 2-1

CleanSave is another wonderful piece of saving software that is currently used by big sites such as CNN, Disney etc. What it does is to allowing you to edit your content and then save it directly to Dropbox or other cloud services as a pdf or text file.  It can even let you print out your content directly.


File Cabinet

wordpress dropbox plugin 3

For users who need to manage large media files such as images or videos, the file cabinet dropbox plugin can be very useful.  It has a custom post type, from which you can add media to your dropbox through the wordpress media management tool. This enables you to save valuable storage space in your hosting and transfer some of the heavy stuff to the cloud.


Gravity Forms Dropbox Uploader

wordpress dropbox plugin 4

This dropbox plugin integrates the data collected from Gravitiy forms to the storage in Dropbox. It is a very efficient way to collect information from your blog and storing the in the cloud.  There are even options to let you select which field will upload to dropbox in case you do not want to store everything in the cloud.


ManageWP Worker

wordpress dropbox plugin 5

For folks with multiple wordpress blogs, you might want to consider installing manageWP worker. This useful plugin enables you to manage different blogs from one central dashboard. Best of all, you can even sechedule when each blog should be backup to Dropbox.



wordpress dropbox plugin 6

A very useful printing plugin for your blog. It allows your readers to easily print an article or save it to their dropbox account. They can even do some minor editing before doing the printing.


Simple Dropbox Upload

wordpress dropbox plugin 7

If you have a site that needs readers or users to submit documents, this plugin will save you to store those documents directly to the cloud. It is great for managing site that have a lot of user generated content.


Post via Dropbox

wordpress dropbox plugin 8

Like to edit or post your content through the cloud? Then this dropbox plugin is for you.  Once your dropbox is linked to your wordpress, you can easily edit your post through text files in dropbox. All you need to know are some of the common HTML tags for it to format properly.


InfiniteWP Client

wordpress dropbox plugin 9

An alternative to managewp worker. The InfiniteWP client also allows you to manage multiple wp blogs through one central dashboard.  Useful features include one click updates as well as backups to dropbox.


WordPress Backup to Dropbox

wordpress dropbox plugin 10

For those who just want a simple wordpress dropbox plugin to do automatic backups, this is the plugin for you.

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