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Have you ever found treasure? For a movie buff, treasure would be downloading free movies. Every time there is a new movie in theatres, you first look at your wallet and then think of buying the movie ticket. You are probably busy and cannot find time to watch the new movie in theatres. There are some movies which are not available in the market in the form of DVD. We do not know many people, who are NOT fond of movies because everyone loves watching them. You are probably a fan of action-packed movies. You may be a die-hard romantic, who loves watching movies with their partner. How to get your favourite movies on your laptop? There is a fix for that! If you are looking for some sites to download free movies, you are at the right place. Today, we are going to tell you about the best sites to download free movies. This article will provide you with all the information that you need. Read on to find out about the best free movie downloading sites!

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Before going through the list of free movie downloads sites, let us take a look at the advantages of downloading movies and disadvantages of watching a movie outside.

Watching a movie in theatres –

  • You have to go all the way to the theatre to watch the movie. You would need transport!
  • A movie ticket does not come cheap these days. It is expensive and burns a hole in the pocket. A common man cannot afford to go to the theatre every week!
  • If you are a working individual, you will have to find out time to watch a movie in the theatre.
  • If you loved the movie, you have to pay the amount again to watch it one more time.
  • If you are running late and there is traffic on road, you will miss the movie. What’s the point?

Downloading movies –

  • You do not have to go anywhere. Watch movies in the comfort of your home.
  • Some of the sites allow you to download movies for free! You need a strong internet connection.
  • You can watch the movie multiple times. If you wish to take a washroom break, you can put it on pause and play it again once you are back.

It is all about convenience! Downloading movies is a better option than going all the way to a movie theatre. You can make popcorn at home and enjoy the movie on your laptop. Get a projector as it will be a great investment!


Here is the List of Sites for Downloading Free Movies

  1. WorldFree4U
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WorldFree4U is a movie download site which allows you to download movies and TV shows for free. You will find movies that you can download on your mobile and you will also find HD movies here. If you are a true movie buff and you enjoy listening to music, you can download movies and music from here. The entertainment does not end at WorldFree4U because you get games, movies, music, TV series and software for free here. We loved the website because it is simple and you can download Bollywood and Hollywood movies with ease.


  1. My Download Tube
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My Download Tube is an attractive site and the first impression is great. We logged on to the site and instantly loved the website design. The movies available on this site are high quality and the library is extensive. You can watch the movies, series or trailers before downloading them. That’s a plus point because you can check whether you are downloading the right file or not. It is a user-friendly site and you will also get to download games from this.


  1. The Pirate Bay
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This movie downloading site is our favourite. It is the classic pick to download your favourite movies. There are some movies and series which are not available anywhere else but Pirate Bay has a fantastic library. The torrents are trusted on this site. You can download free movies without the risk of malware affecting your laptop or computer. There are other torrent sites which are trusted and efficient for free movie downloading such as iDope,, Toorgle, Lime Torrents, TorrentDownloads and Torrent Funk.


  1. to
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It is time to watch or download movies for free because is here! Once you visit the website, you will straight reach the page where all the movies are listed for you. Sometimes it gets tough to find the movies that you love. You will get it on FMovies. There is an HD movie download feature. If you wish to watch the movie or TV series online, the website allows you to do so. We are very impressed with their collection!


  1. YouTube
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Everyone knows about the popular website called YouTube. You can watch videos, listen to music and even download full length movies. There are websites which allow you to download movies from YouTube such as and Most people prefer watching the movies online on YouTube but you can download it for watching it later. Make sure you have a fast internet connection.


  1. com
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The name is ideal for movie buffs because they love watching movies in high definition. There are basically two versions of HD in this. You will find 1080p and 720p in this. If you are the type, who loves premium HD, you can go for the 1080p one. You can download the movie according to the version that you need. You will find movies of your liking on this site and it is very easy to download as well.


Final Verdict

These were the sites which allow you to download free movies with ease. You do not have to go to theatres and spend your hard-earned money on movies every week! These sites will give you access to thousands of movies. Your weekends will be set once you download the movies from the above mentioned sites. Make sure you prepare lots of popcorn before hitting the sack and watching your favourite movie. Technology is fabulous because it has made life convenient for movie buffs. Enjoy!

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