Absolutely Amazing Photoshopped Effect That Make You Say Wow (PICS)

Today’s post is a showcase of amazing concepts of all talented professionals of Photoshop participants in Worth1000. This showcase is consists of Photo effect techniques for creating fun and illusion in terms of Super-Giants peoples and animals. This is an amazing collection that looks realistic view of an unreal picture and highlight incredible fun in these photoshopped images.

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  1. Awesome work .. some of the detail on these manipulations are first class!!!

  2. whiz says:

    Its excellent. Really beautiful and class of its own. I like the cute girl holding on to the plane. So cool

  3. leahn says:

    Really cool. I had a similar idea going around in my head for a while. I’ll write a photoshop tutorial about how to make something like this soon. I have some other tuts to publish and I’ll write it.

    Thanks so much for this. Served as inspiration.

  4. Jim says:

    the more time i spend on your site the more amazing images and photographs i see.

  5. dr. retarded says:

    this is a piss poor attempt at photo photo shopping. really bad.