21 Beautiful Examples of Moonlight Photography

Moonlight is the light that comes to Earth from the Moon. This light does not begin from the Moon, but actually originates from sunlight. The Moon does not, however, reflect sunlight like a mirror, but it reflects light from those portions of its surface which the Sun’s light strikes. Today’s Collection highlights the examples of Beautiful Moonlight photography.

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  1. S.N.Devi says:

    All Pictrues Are Soo Butiful

  2. Stunning images. I loved the colours and reflections in the first shot in particular.

  3. nanang yogo says:

    all picture are soo beauty..makes beauty inside..

  4. Wow! These pictures are stunning! People who would see these photos would really fall in love with the beauty of the moon. I think you must be very good in lighting to be a pro in this new interesting kind of photography!

  5. Jim says:

    these are some great images of the moon and the reflection of the sun on the moon.