Sculptures Plastic Tubes by Kang Duck-Bong

Owl sculptures are currently visible in the gallery 4Walls Seoul, Kang Duck-Bong is the author of these achievements are the least surprising. The goal is to show the effect ofmoving through a scholarly introduction of colored plastic tubes. Korean artist creates large scale dynamic sculptures from plastic tubes.

05-Duck-Bong 01-Duck-Bong 10-Duck-Bong 09-Duck-Bong 08-Duck-Bong 07-Duck-Bong 06-Duck-Bong 04-Duck-Bong 03-Duck-Bong 02-Duck-Bong

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1 Comment

  1. Jahangir says:

    Nice work 🙂

    Don’t know if it is happening with others or not but looking at these sculptures I am getting the “blurry” vision, I mean its not easy to look at these sculptures.