27 Beautiful Matte Painting That’ll Take Your Breath Away

Matte painting is a visual effects process which combines 3D rendering in programs such as 3DSMax, Maya, and Fusion, along with hand-painted and photostock elements to create a seamless visual environment. For feature films, this matte painting environment is then used along with camera techniques to composite the actors into a virtual 3D scene while maintaining natural lighting and realistic environments. Matte paintings have been used in many films, from the Wizard of Oz, all the way up to James Cameron’s smash hit, Avatar.

This post will showcase 27 incredible matte paintings from the most talented matte painters around.

Matte Paintings-6
Matte Paintings-7
Matte Paintings-8
Matte Paintings-1
Matte Paintings-2
Matte Paintings-3
Matte Paintings-4
Matte Paintings-5
Matte Paintings-9
Matte Paintings-10
Matte Paintings-11
Matte Paintings-12
Matte Paintings-13
Matte Paintings-14
Matte Paintings-15
Matte Paintings-16
Matte Paintings-17
Matte Paintings-18
Matte Paintings-19
Matte Paintings-20
Matte Paintings-21
Matte Paintings-22
Matte Paintings-23
Matte Paintings-24
Matte Paintings-25
Matte Paintings-26
Matte Paintings-27

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