Unbelievable and Outstanding Photos of Li Wei

Li Wei is an outstanding artist from Beijing China. His gravity defying photos have been attention-grabbing the world, capturing impossible looking moments of apparent extreme danger. You will find each photo hanging on in dangerous situation. He has done this unbelievable and impossible scaffolding with Photoshop to create photos.

Here’s a collection of some of Wei’s most outstanding photos.

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  1. vancur says:

    Тhis is a great photos and great resource,thanks!

  2. fotomate says:

    funny 🙂 PS does miracles

  3. These are looking creative great art work and interesting photography work.

  4. hahahha amazing.

  5. )com3n0w says:

    photoshop …. wires … who cares? either you like the pics or you don’t. I don’t care how. It’s the cleverness that should be appreciated. I don’t know how the mona lisa was done without brush strokes but it’s still very nice. If DaVinci could have had a computer … he’d have used it.

  6. Great. Unbelievable pics.
    Really great!

  7. WOW I love these photos, great job to him

  8. Fantastic and amazing!!!

  9. capturing impossible looking moments ..What about the weird pictures..thou they are

  10. toxic says:

    Well it does look photoshoped

  11. himu says:

    those r the coolest pics i have ever seen

  12. James says:

    Em is correct, he does Not use photoshop! I’ve seen a lot of his work, he is a genius

  13. em says:

    …can you guys read or even look things up for yourselves? this article made a mistake- li wei does not use any photoshop! it is all acrobatics, mirrors, scaffolding and wires!

  14. jassi says:


  15. Flek says:

    Oh my gosh.. Unbelievable.. Great post, btw!

  16. alexyz says:

    Very poor Photoshop skills on some of them: shadow of the child and shadow of the horse going in different directions, triple shoe tips on picture 11 … and the list can go on.

    The ideas on the other hand – that is totally different! Most of them rock !!!

  17. Tyciol says:

    I like the one with the loli pulling the horse tail

  18. Some of the shots were really Interesting…

  19. Lame says:


  20. YahooSerious says:

    Wow…I am completely unimpressed

  21. school grants says:

    Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

  22. NDS Lite says:

    mistaken for being photoshopped

  23. Rafster says:

    When a bullet is fired, it leaves it’s shell behind.

  24. Richie says:


    These are not photoshopped… He uses threads and other props to carefully create such environments and take photographs. It is quite apparently a very skilled art and is most of the times, mistaken for being photoshopped 🙂

  25. Joe says:

    Actually, the copy is incorrect as he does all of his work without the use of Photoshop (or any photo-manip software for that matter). He does however use “mirrors, metal wires, scaffolding and acrobatics”.

  26. John says:

    So he knows how to use Photoshop. Big deal. Or is there something I’m missing?

  27. Jim says:

    these are extremely creative…i kinda like the idea of being able to fly around in the sky….