25 Beautiful and Creative Examples of Toy Photography

Creativity has no limit when it comes in photography. You can see one of example of Toy photography. It provides great opportunities for clever composition, creative lighting and a chance to really have some fun. This showcase represented in different movies, games, TV Shows, Cartoon and popular actions figures over the years.

Don’t worry Emiko, I’ll look after you.

Monte Williams

Drawing In The Sand

Cupcake – toy – bokeh

Reed Richards Susan Storm

365 Toy Project – Day 22

365 Toy Project – Day 15

In a land of mist… listening, observing…


Hide and Go Seek

365 Toy Project – Day 56

Kratos 3




Konata at the Office

Asuka Langley Resin

Ken and Ryu



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  1. Nice work guys. I was doing Toy photography in the early 1970’s and was widely published. Check out the site.

  2. web3mantra says:

    Thanks for sharing this post.I like this post.It has many good examples of toy photography.