DU battery saver – best way to save your phone’s battery life

Smartphones are around a decade old, yet they have literally changed the way we access information and play games. However, the only downside they bring is a very small battery life that can spoil the fun. Since you want to use lots of apps and still maintain a decent battery life, you need to find an application that can help you solve this problem. If you are the owner of an Android phone/tablet, then the best way to save battery life is by installing DU Battery Saver.

DU Battery Saver is a power manager and battery saver tool that was developed by DU Apps Studio and was created to help your mobile device last a lot longer than it usually does. Despite being a very powerful system utility, DU Battery Saver uses the same set of touch controls as all mobile applications, which is impressive.

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Color Scheme

The application comes with a very interesting color scheme that makes it really easy for you to customize its appearance according to your own needs. In addition to that, the interface displays relevant information including your amount of Internet traffic, your phone’s storage capacity and, of course, its temperature.



DU Battery Saver comes completely localized in more than a dozen languages, which makes it really easy to use no matter where you are from. Moreover, this app includes a one-click optimization tool that will definitely help you shut down all unnecessary applications in order to save battery life.


Charging manager

The charging manager is a cool feature, as through it you can easily decrease the time it takes your device to charge, thanks to its ability to limit backgrounds applications. These are chosen based on your routine, so the apps that simply aren’t used that much will be closed immediately.



Furthermore, with the help of the Optimize feature you will be able to find and solve any battery problems. This feature usually stops all the apps that are currently consuming a lot of battery power, especially if they are in the background. In our experience, the application saved around 50% of the battery life, which translated into approximatively a day of extra use. You can only imagine how much this can help people, especially those in dire need of their phone in extreme situations.



Moreover, DU Battery Saver brings numerous preset modes that can be adapted according to your own needs. There is a long standby mode that keeps things such as SMS and dialing available, and then you have the Normal mode, the Sleep mode where everything is turned off and, of course, the Custom mode that you can create and customize according to your own needs.

Charging manager and monitor

With the help of the bundled healthy charging manager, DU Battery Saver can help you implement multiple healthy charging practices in your daily routine; practices that will allow you to keep the battery in its best shape. The monitor function in DU Battery Saver is quite neat, as it gives you the opportunity to manage all the applications you have running in the background, see their CPU usage and, of course, stop them if needed.

DU Battery Saver is available in Free and Pro versions, with the latter adding the ability to tweak the CPU frequency, auto-clear apps, and turn on a special Intelligent mode.



In conclusion, DU Battery Saver is a powerful and reliable application that can help you improve the battery life of your smartphone or tablet by a day or more. Thanks to its cutting edge technologies, its ability to shut down unnecessary apps and modify everything according to your needs, DU Battery Saver comes highly recommended as the only Android application that has helped millions of phone/tablet users to increase the battery life of their device.

If you want the battery of your smartphone to last longer, then you have to give DU Battery Saver a try right away and see how useful it is! You can learn more at DU Apps Studio’s Facebook page .

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