10 Best Tools for Creating Infographics

The word ‘Infographics’ is a short form of ‘Information graphics.’ And as the name suggests, these are graphic visual representations of information.

They offer visual representation of long articles and researches etc, thus helping you impart information in an efficient, precise and brief way. This thing helps viewers to grasp the information given in an infographic easily and quickly. Infographics are not only easy to understand and remember but also save a lot of precious time. They are also visually quite attractive and beautiful which makes getting information from them even more fun.

Infographics help you keep the visitors on your site for a long time while they are reading them. People are usually more likely to share images and visual representations than ling boring articles with their friends.

Making infographics from scratch can be a tough as and not all the people can do it. This is where some tools can help you — a plethora of different tools is present out there which allow making infographics. We have added infographics samples from each website. you can check and see the result of infographic. So today we have a list of 10 Best Tools for Creating Infographics. Check them out and pick the ones that suit your needs the best!


This tool is a really nice and extremely user-friendly app that allows customization of infographics real fast!  Even people with no designing knowledge will be able to take advantage of this tool. It also lets you find infographics and favorites from other users.



It is a web-based or desktop tool that allows analyzing data with ease. It gives you the ability of creating nice looking maps, charts, graphs and other type of visual representation of data. Using the flash template in StatPlanet or StatPlanet Plus you can also create flash maps!

Interactive USA map


It allows making static and interactive infographics in no time. Just import the information/data to this tool, and then start off with the creation of a simple chart or a complete infographic using the tools’ different features. Quite simple, right?



This is an awesome tool that allows creation of an eye-catching online resume format. It helps you make the resume a lot more attractive and impressive. It lets you present a visual representation of the information regarding you and you accomplishments in a simpler yet fun way. This kind of resume will definitely increase the chances of you getting a job! So create an online visual resume, put it on your LinkedIn and wait for the offers!



It allows generation of high quality flowcharts, diagrams, floor plans and technical drawings with ease. It’s drag & drop feature makes it even more user-friendly.  So now anyone can make amazing infographics using this tool. It even boasts a collection of shapes which can be used in infographics.



The name says it all – it allows creating some really cool charts. It has got a nice interactive user interface. This tool gives you the ability of visualizing, sharing and distributing your ideas in an efficient way.



It is a cool free digital timeline site on which you will be able to find various kinds of Infographics. This website organizes the web’s content according to date and time. It is definitely a great place to find infographics.



It is a really handy tool that allows creating infographics using its amazing drag-&-drop interface. This tool aids you in making infographics quickly and easily, thanks to all the ready-made ‘vhemes’ or visual themes. Simply choose a ‘vheme,’ place it on your canvas, add information and create a really nice looking infographic.



ChartsBin is a fabulous web-based tool for making a good looking interactive map. This tool requires no installing and even people without any designing knowledge whatsoever can also use this tool. Embedding the created map to your website/blog is also possible.


Photo Stats

This one is an iPhone app. As the name suggests, this app simply analyses the photos taken by you on your iPhone.  After analyzing, the app will create a really cool and voguish infographics displaying how, when and where you capture photos. It simply lets you create an infographic about your photo-taking habits and sharing it with friends and family!

Photo Stats

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