40 Useful Online Applications for Web Designers and Developers

Web designing and developing has turned into world’s largest medium of information exchange these days. Moreover, with new techniques introduced for the designing and developing purpose have shown a breakthrough in the world of internet as because of these techniques, we are now able to make online applications. But many softwares used for designing and developing purpose are not only costly but also they can make effect on your PC in terms of speed and performance. Thus to get yourself away from these kind of problems, we have gathered a list of 40 such wonderful online apps which are really going to change your life, no matter, whether you are a professional or a beginner. Let us drive through this amazing list below…

Web Designers and Developers
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Code Editors

Amy Editor

Using Amy Editor feels as if you’re using a OS X based desktop application as that is where this editor get it’s visual cues from. Apart from that, Amy Editor is probably one of the most feature rich editors in this roundup. It has support for opening multiple files in different tabs, syntax highlighting support for multiple languages and let’s you manage multiple projects from within the editor. Oh, and there is some basic debugging support present too.


Bespin is a Mozilla Labs project that aims to create an editor for web development that can be embedded into webpages, much like EditArea. It is based on some of the latest emerging standards such as HTML 5 and so you’d need a fairly recent browser if you’re going to use Bespin. Like Mozilla’s web browser – Firefox, Bespin is designed to be easily extensible using plugins developed in Javascript. In fact, the editor is so good that the guys behind Kodingen also provide an option to use Bespin as one of the editors for their IDE.


The people behind Kodingen call it the cloud development environment. It is an IDE for the cloud, and I absolutely agree with them. Kodingen integrates an image editor, a really excellent code editor and a lot of nifty features into one cool looking package. It displays line numbers, features syntax highlighting and SVN integration. The only hitch is that they’re still in Beta and are only letting limited people through.


EditArea is a free and open source Javascript based editor that can be hosted on your own server. It offers syntax highlighting, search and replace support, multi language support and a number of other features that you’d expect from a first class editor


CodeAnywhere is one editor that could easily replace my current PHP programming needs without much effort. For one, it comes with a built-in FTP editor that lets me edit files directly on my server. It also has excellent syntax highlighting and project management features. What more could a PHP programmer ask for ?


This is a really fantastic online editor which is used to edit CSS, HTML, xhtml, and JavaScript, and VB Script online. Along with the editor, a preview box is given to view the output of whatever code the designer or developer has written. This is not just an editor, but several very easy to understand tutorials are also given with this fabulous online designing accessory.

The main features of this wonderful editor are:

  • Fast and easy view of the designed code.
  • Much rapid output provided.
  • Online JavaScript and VBScript editorial facility.
  • CSS supportive functionality.
  • Various tutorials given along with this as JS tutorial, HTML, xhtml, php, ASP tutorial and much more.


A really great online web editor, functionally too much innovative it is. The only difficulty in using this one is that it is not much user friendly. That means, if you are going to start work with this one, then probably it may happen that you wouldn’t be able to understand the functionality completely for the first time.

But don’t worry guys, you must be known to the very famous proverb, Practice makes the man perfect. Thus if you want to generate really effective web designs using this code editor, then you must be going through out it over 2 or 3 times to be familiar with it. After that, I know you would be making something really very useful to fascinate yourself.

Clean CSS

CSS clean is very useful CSS editor application. It helps to make your CSS code as much clean and understandable as it could be. It provides a test box  for CSS code and several check boxes are there for changing the functionality of CSS code.

The user friendly interface of this online application make it simple and easy for anyone to get familiar to this editor even for the first time. After practicing on it for some time, you will get mastered and the effect of mastering this tool would start glowing as extra sparkle on your coded designs.


It is an easy to use, very powerful and fast CSS generator. It permits you to paste your code it the box and you can edit and view your code using a preview box. This CSS Editor allows you to edit an entire CSS file at once with a dynamic preview. The preview will show the exact line you’re editing, and it will update as you type.

A fairly known but extremely useful online tool for professionals and beginners both. The functionality caters the needs of masters and feasibility services the desires of novice designers. So, whatever you are, just get along with it to make your online CSS.

Real Time jQuery Editor

It is one of the best used jQuery Editor and coder for web designers. The whole portion of this editor is divided into three parts. The top left is for the html coding. The top right is for jQuery edition and the last and the larger one at the bottom shows the preview of whatever you have made. However not much attractive, but this editor is easy to use and really functions well.

This editor is not limited to just jQuery or JavaScript. That means, however particularly designed for jQuery writers, but also helpful to other web experts in writing their innovations on webpages. The usefulness of this wonderful online tool can only be understood after using it once. So, try it once!

Image Editors


Adobe actually has a free web based photo editor of their own. It has all the basic functionality you’d expect as well as a few advanced features (sadly though, no layers), and interfaces well with a number of photo sharing websites. Again, completely cross platform.

Important Features for Photoshop :

  • Personal URL to access your account
  • Online private and public sharing
  • Tutorials
  • Online photo management, editing, and interactive photo galleries
  • Browser-based upload and download
  • 2 GB of online storage space
  • The Plus version adds special artwork, album templates, and effects, and 20 GB or 100 GB of online storage.

New Photoshop CS5 Features :

  • Amazing Content aware fill feature.
  • Better edge detection & masking results.
  • Puppet tool .
  • Wet paint .
  • Brush Stroke effect .
  • Patchmatch .


Picnik is arguably the best free web-based photo editor out there – it integrates with Flickr easily and the features are well above average. Picnik is also very good for people who want more advanced features and effect options, setting it up is easy and UI is very intuitive. Picnik can support highly complex layers. It is a great photoshop alternative.


Important Feature for Picnik :

  • Fix your photos in just one click
  • Use advanced controls to fine-tune your results
  • Crop, resize, and rotate in real-time
  • Tons of special effects, from artsy to fun
  • Astoundingly fast, right in your browser
  • Awesome fonts and top-quality type tool
  • Basketfuls of shapes from hand-picked designers
  • Works on Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • No download required, nothing to install


Splashup is by far the nicest looking editor, but since when did that matter? Feature wise this editor is okay, and advertisements are fairly minimal. Simplicity wise this editor is one of the best, and even children before 6 can use it!

Important Features for Splashup:

  • Layers. Plus: blending modes, advanced layer effects, and opacity changes.
  • The ability to open multiple images at the same time.
  • A windowed environment, made possible by Flash.
  • The creation of images from scratch.
  • Take pictures directly from a web cam.


Pixlr is a very innovative online image editor. It provides very powerful kind of image editing such that of photoshop.com, thus you can also say that it is an alternative to that. Not only it is powerful, but also very easy to use.

Once started using this application, soon you would get familiar to it. The overall structure provided to edit image is very much attractive and functional too. You can produce high quality images using this online image editing application.

Foto Flexer

FotoFlexer is  an online editor centered on photos, without having the capabilities mandatory for editing purpose. It’s goal, is fast and easy photo touchups and ground editing. As with most of the other applications here, it has integration with the major photo sharing and online community sites. And it also has a great collection of photo effects and decorations, etc.

Online image editor

Online image editor is another very much powerful and innovative online image editor. If you want quick and easy touchups for your photographs, then you would directly refer to this site. It is great to be used for beginners and the experts can make the designs of their creative thinkings using this wonderful and highly functional image editor. Thus, in nutshell, this one provide you better option for fast and easy image editing if you want to save your time and money both.


If you’re on a hunt for a vast collection of  an already defined photo effects gallery that would take only a second or two to apply, then it is the place. It’s not suitable for more advanced kind of editing but definitely has enough tools to take care of most peoples needs and has integration with just about every major online community or image sharing site.

Sumo Paint 2.0

Sumo Paint is another Photoshop kind of editing application, although with an influential  collection of tools (including the magic wand). It supports layers, grouping and many more advanced features. It’s interface appears to be well refined but I haven’t had an opportunity to use it as much as Splashup or Pixlr.

In final verdict, we can say that it is really a wonderful online application.


Image editor is very much similar to previously discussed website online image editor. Not just the functionality portion but also the way it works, is very much easy and fun to use with. If you are not an expert in using offline apps like adobe photoshop or somewhat else, then you must be trying it once. It will surely give you the power of basic photo editing with really wonderful effects and designing patterns.


Pixer.us is a great online photo editing tool which is free and easy to use. There´s absolutely nothing to download–not even one plug-in, and Pixer isn´t lacking in features. You can crop, resize, change the color scheme, play with photo fx, and much, much more.

Important Features for Pixer.us:

  • Simple lightweight photo editor.
  • Perform most common image editing functions like resize, crop, rotate, flip, saturation, blur, sharpen etc.
  • Instantly apply and preview the effects using the slide bar.
  • Revert changes to previous or to the original image version.
  • Upload, edit and save images without registration.
  • Save edited images in multiple image formats (JPEG, GIF, PNG or BMP).

Banner and Logo Creators

Flash Banner now

This one is free online service to create Flash banners for your website or blog. However using this application is very easy and the output harvested from the usage is too attractive. But the only big deal in using this service is that you will be having an advertisement of this website on your blog if you place any flash banner made using this service as it would be having a link to this service  at the bottom. And this you might not be wanting to do so.

However, save for this, everything else is alright. You can choose desired background, font, transition effect, and much more. Overall, using this service is functionally very appropriate.

123 Banner

Probably the best kind of online banner maker with too many styles of template for you to choose from. Simply go to the website, choose the type of your banner and get started with it. All the banners are not just very attractive but they seems as if were designed by some professional web designer using some very powerful application like Adobe Flash or somewhat else.

The main features of this service are:

  • So many varities to use for your banner.
  • Make banners in a much faster and innovative way.
  • Easy to use and design your own banners.


Another fantastic facility to make slideshows online. This provide you an easy to use online interface in order to make it possible for you to make your attractive slideshows easily. So many Transitions, music uploading option, and other kind of effects are provided by them in order to make more and more better slide shows. Not only this, but several other services provided by Kizoa allows you to Edit photos, Upload them for online storage, share them online and much more.

If you want more, then you should be getting Kizoa premium service which is a paid one. Well if you really want to know it completely, then make a try once!

123 Slideshow

This is a really fantastic online Flash Slideshow creating service provided by 123Banner. You can use this service to create really wonderful slideshows online. Not one or two, but many distinct kind of varieties are present here for you to choose from.

Features of 123 Slideshow:

  • The procedure of making slideshows is really easy.
  • Many varieties for you to choose for making your slideshow.
  • For premium users, 123 slideshow link is not present on the final shows created by this application.

Online Logo Maker

Having stylish and professional looking logos for your blog is one of the most important feature which not only effects, directly or indirectly to your blog’s daily visits but also it helps in creating reputation of your blog in the world of internet as the professionalism gets indulged in it.

The interface provided is easy to use and the most important thing, it is all for free. In nutshell, it is really very useful tool for creating your desired logos completely for free online.

Web 2.0 Logo Generator

Another free, fast and easy to use online service used in order to create free logos online. All the desired features of your logos are entered manually and simply by clicking on “Create Logo” button, you will be facing your desired one.

Well, if we go through the terms of non-designers, then it is much easier to create Logos using this online logo maker rather than using any difficult to use and costly Logo generating application. However the designs created are limited in features, but hey, they are for free and created by non-designers. Overall, a good application and must be used once.

The Free Logo Makers

The procedure for this site to reach to their logo designing interface is somewhat confusing and so is there logo designing application’s interface. But once mastered, it is not only easy to use, but also very much helpful.

Salient features of Free Logo Makers:

  • Various designs to choose from.
  • Logo designing made easy once mastered.
  • Innovative designs can be made easily.
  • A really fast technique than other offline and costly applications.
  • If you are bored with those static logos, simply make flash logos here.

My Banner Maker

My banner maker is a well known and one of the best online banner creating services ever. The step by step procedure followed to create banners could be much easy even for the beginners to make good and attractive banners for their blog or website.

If you are a blogger, then you must be familiar with this service but even if you are not, nothing is to worry about. This online application gives an easy to use interface which is very user friendly such that novice persons could be able to use them in a really effective way even for the first time.

Live Banner Maker

This service is very similar in use with our previously described service My banner maker. Similarly it is easy to use and with this application, it is much easier to create banners online.

This one is listed in the category of my best ones because of easy to use and understand innovative interface which is even friendly for a person below 6 to get used to! And as far the output is concerned, the banners created using this service are too much attractive that it is difficult for one to differentiate between that one or any other created using some offline application.

Banner Break

Banner break is an online service to create most attractive banners. Well if you think that the online generated banners can’t compete with Photoshop generated one’s then my friends, You should be trying this service once. It will surely change your thoughts about the online banner generation. All the banners generated using this service are not only just attractive but they are completely innovated to compete with the professional ones.

Try it and you will get an easier and much way of creating attractive and professional looking banners online. Don’t believe me? Simply check it yourself here.



Typetester also have a text box where you can put your matter and change the color, font style, size according to your requirement by changing tool and collect your CSS code. However basically it is a code generator but its wonderful functionality let it to be here in the category of miscellaneous ones.


Another wonderful framework to create your webpages in seconds. However functionally very powerful, and very easy to use, this one is not much in use. But for me, this one is really a wonderful application that’s why it is here in the list of miscellaneous tools. Well, this is really a useful and good tool which should be tried once. After getting familiar to it (which would take only one or two practices, if you are a professional), then you would be developing very much innovative designs using this online application.


Do you want to create webpage in seconds? Well if so, then YAML is the best choice for you. For multifunctional layout, you can use YAML tool. It is an XHTML/CSS compatible framework for modern floated layouts.

It is the most wonderful stand alone framework I have worked with till now. If you think that you know some other which is much better, then please add it as a comment.

Grid Designer

Grid designer works according to the name, creating the different types of grid layout with the help of provided functionality.  It has well interface for designers to creating attractive grid layouts.

Functionally this one is too much innovative and effective thus while using this tool, you could be getting it

Eric Meyer – Color Blender

Here you can enter two colors, and display colors in-between. This is a excellent tool for finding additional colors for a site that already has a color scheme, or for modifying an existing scheme.

Color Scheme Designer

A brand new interface, as well as the engine, all rewritten from the scratch. Rapidly increased precision and color space conversions, better preview, enhanced scheme creation system, unique scheme IDs and permanent URL of the scheme.

CSS Menu Generator

This online CSS Menu Generator generates both the CSS and the HTML code required to produce a text-based yet appealing set of navigation buttons. As text links are fast becoming preferred over images where search engine optimization is needed, a CSS menu can give the affectiveness of text links with a better look than standard text links. For an example of a CSS menu, look at our navigation on the left.

Hex color code chart &  generator

Generate Your Own Custom Hex Colors using this fabulous online hex code generator. This one is not only helpful but a really fascinating tool from the view of designers. If you are a web designer, then you must be liking it very much as I did. Being a designer, this one goes to my favorite’s list and what about you?

Online Color Picker

Well, this tool helps a lot in picking colors’ Hex codes so as to use them further. However this one is too much helpful for professionals while working but beginners can also make use of it as they are not known to the hex codes of even primary colors such as black, white etc. Thus its really very much useful tool which should be tried at least once.


Screen Toaster is an online screen shot capturing device and screen activity recording tool. Well, as far word “Miscellaneous” is concerned, this tools really goes with its category. The functionality of the tool explains its importance itself.

A really wonderful app for both, professionals and the beginners.

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