40 Amazing Macro Shots Photos

Photography is an art of creating still or moving pictures, it is one of the amazing talents which is not present inside every human. People can learn photography from different studios and photographers but the real photographers are the ones who have a natural talent of photography inside them. They have an eye to see and perceive things from different perspectives and different angles. They can think out of the box. There are many amazing types shots in photography by using which you can capture different angles of different things. Macro shot is also one of the most amazing types of shots. It basically meas the close-up photography.

Macro shot pictures can be captured by using special macro lenses, which focus on the minutest details of the object you want to capture. Macro shot is very useful when you want to capture something from very close. It is also one of the most difficult types of shots because it rrequires vast practice and amazing photography skills. But remember the results of macro photography are always  quite surprisisng and amazing. The results always surprize you and inspireyou to do more.

Internet is full of amazing macro shots done by awesome photographers. But obviously there are always some things which are best. So here I selected 40 Macro shots for you which I feel are the best among the ones present on internet.  Let’s have a look on them, Enjoy and have fun. Doo give feedback and share if you know some other good examples of Macro Shots :).

40 Amazing Macro shots

A Bit of Whitening by Michael Shpuntov

A Bit of Whitening by Michael Shpuntov

A Little Hope by Alephunky

A Little Hope by Alephunky

Black Eyed Bulbul on Aloe by Martin Heigan

Black-eyed Bulbul on Aloe vryheidensis

Butterfly by Tomegatherion Butterfly by Tomegatherion

Colors Of Summer by Kameolynn

color of Summer by Kameolynn

Colorful Biscuit by Light From Emirates

Colorful Biscuit by Light from emirates

Drips by Alex Bates

Drips by Alex Bates

Experimenting with Macro by Cyndol

Experimenting With Macro by cyndol

Through my Prism by Fizza Bangash

Through my Prism by Fizza Bangash

This is What Pakistanis Drink by Rabiya Ashraf Sahibzada

This is what Pakistanis Drink by Rabiya Ashraf

Glitter Ball by Ninazdesign

Glitter ball by Joakin Kraemer

Macro Photography by Hamza Baig

Macro Photography by Hamza baig

Humble Gift by Marielliott

Humble Gift by Marielliott

In the Morning by Yoshiaki Oikawa

In the morning by Yoshiaki Oikawa

Jade by Konaboy


Lady Bug by Jciv

Ladybug by CCRRFDv2

Let it Rain by Christophe Kiciak

Let it rain by Christophe Kiciak

Little Ballerina by Preludium

Little Ballerina by Preludium

Luster by Karisca

Luster by Karisca

Lustrous-Spicy and Honey Bee by Susan Ford Collins

Lustrous-Spicy and Honey Bee

Pencils by Aurelia24

Macro 7 by ~Aurelia24

Macro Color by Michelle R.

Macro Color by Michelle-R

Morning Dew by Ninazdesign

Morning Dew by Ninaz design

My Little Visitor by Shelly

My Little Visitor by NCWench

My little world by Julie Ray

My little world by Julie Rey

Paint Box by Utzel Butzel

Paint Box by Utzel-Butzel

Rain Lights by Kateey

Rain Lights by Kateey

Rose by 5348 Franco

Rose by 5348-Franco

Rosy Butterfly by Second Claw

Rosy Butterfly by Second Claw

Sleeping in Morning Dew by Baepfelchen

Sleeping in Morning Dew by Baepfelchen

Spring is Here by Allharts

Spring is Here

Still Life by Dari

Still Life by Darya



The Color of an Octave by Darkpiano7

The Color of an Octave by Darkpiano7

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by Aoao2

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by Aoao

Under Water by Healzo

Under Water by Healzo

Ugly Beauty by Struller

Ugly Beauty by Struller

Winters Blues by Usrula Abresch

Winter Blues By Ursula

You are The One by Heazlo

You are The One By Healzo

Spoon by Zeitautomatik

Zeitautomatik Spoon

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