How to write great blog content

In the years I’ve been writing online content, I’ve learned one crucial thing. Anyone can be an expert. There’s enough information on the internet to go around, and unless you’re writing particularly complex stuff, you can figure out the basics. I’ve come across gay writers who write content on how to pick up women. Atheists who write for religious websites. Sports haters who write for football blogs.

Start a Blog and Become an Expert in the Industry

However, while one can fake the knowledge, one can’t fake the writing. Someone who doesn’t know how to write simply can’t figure it out as they go along. The information they impart, even when 100% accurate, does not come across clearly. And, in all likelihood, it is boring.

If there’s a topic you’re passionate about, or you simply want to research and write about interesting content, you need to know some basics. First, get your website set up. Look for the best web hosting to make sure you have reliable hosting and excellent customer support. Otherwise, even the best content will get you nowhere.


Here is what you need to know to write blog content that engages and captivates.


The Importance of Stories

When I was studying, I came across an interesting discovery. I could remember the plots of every Harry Potter book, including most of the details, despite having read each only once. On the other hand, I couldn’t remember much from my textbooks which I studied over and over again.

The simple truth is that stories are attention-grabbing. And when you are paying attention, studying isn’t as important. You are simply primed to take in information. It’s incredible that schools don’t use this strategy to teach much more often. It would save thousands of hours and turn even the least school-smart student into a maestro.

Even if you are writing content purely meant to impart information, tell a story in your blog content. Instead of struggling through dry information, people will start to understand without even trying. And it will make your experience actually writing the blogs more enjoyable as well.


Do SEO Properly

The story of SEO (search engine optimization) goes something like this. When online searches were created, they were based on simple algorithms. When you searched for a term, they would show you pages which include that term.

But as the internet expanded at a tremendous pace, these simple algorithms became inadequate. Yes, they still search for keywords, but use a lot of other factors to determine which pages are most reliable. These include backlinks from other sites, authoritative links to other sites, and community engagement.

Unfortunately, not all SEO “experts” have changed with the times. There are still millions of people who think sticking the keyword into every second sentence will get them a high ranking. Quite simply, this is more likely to tank your ranking, for a simple reason. It makes your blogs unreadable. You can always tell when someone terrible at SEO is the author of a blog. The keyword usage is awkward and repetitive.

This is why it is crucial that you don’t just use your outdated instincts as an SEO strategy. Do the research by reading up on SEO blogs or HubSpot. Alternatively, hire an expert.


Follow these rules and you’ll be on your way to making captivating blog content that draws tons of visitors to your website.

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