21 Historical Shots From Protest Pictures From All over the World

Protests are extremely pictorial. They represent many special aspects of modern society and a wide range of human emotions, and when captured right, they are sure to lift interest.

One of unknown Person Said about Protest Events as

“The photo shows the beginning of something, the beginning of a huge story.. It touches you both visually and emotionally and my heart went out to it immediately.”

The following images were taken in various protest events all over the world. Some are moving, some are funny and some are very scary. If you have any particular Images for sharing, Comment and share with us.

G20 Summit Toronto, Protests

LA Street Protest

G20 Summit Protest, London

Illegal Antifascist protest n°9 – block

Dirty Water protest

Free Tibet Toronto Protest

Sacramento Hmong Protest at Capitol

Close Guantánamo Amnesty International Protest

Memorial Day Protest

Sydney Scientology Protest

Beat the Banker Protest 13 October 2009

Protest Rally against Israeli commando raid on Flotilla of humanitarian aid for Gaza


India Kashmir Protest

Iran’s Disputed Election

Return of Aafia Siddiqui

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