12 best online portfolio builder for artists, photographers and designers

Here are 12 code free online portfolio builders which can be used to create beautiful portfolio websites. These are absolutely necessary for anyone who wants to sell their service online. Without a portfolio website to showcase all your work, it is hard to convince your potential clients how good you really are. Unfortunately, most of you are too busy to have time for managing a full blown website. That is where portfolio builders come to play. They simplify a lot of website maintenance with the use of templates that come with easy to use functions such as galleries, contact form, customer testimonials etc.  All these will help artists, photographers and designers to easily create an online portfolio website.


Our number one choice:  Bluemelon.com

BlueMelon has a distinct take on portfolio building. Instead of changing everything
at once, you display or hide specific features and set styles. If you like to build
things, this might be just the site you are looking for.


#2: Wix.com

online portfolio builder 2013 1

Wix has to be mention here again because it provides one of the most beautifully designed template collection for anyone who wants to build an online portfolio. Wix is especially for portfolios that required the display of lots of images. This is why artists, photographers and designers are very suited to use Wix for your portfolio.


#3: Allyou.net

online portfolio builder 2013 2

Allyou has created a niche by focusing on only serving folks who want to have their own portfolio websites and nothing else. They have lots of portfolio templates and they even offer a free option for folks who want to try their service.


#4: Portfoliobox.net

online portfolio builder 2013 3

Portfoliobox.net is another website builder that focuses on creating portfolio websites, especially for artists and photographers.  You can get a free account and upgrade when necessary.


#5: Carbonmade.com

online portfolio builder 2013 4

Carbonmade is probably the first site that focuses purely on create portfolio websites. They have cumulated quite a number of users and I liked their funky homepage designs. Worth checking out.


#6: Clickbooq.com

online portfolio builder 2013 6

I never heard of this site until I research for this article. One of the value proposition emphasis on their marketing is their mobile ready templates. It is not something totally new but is something that this service focuses on.


#7: BigBlackBag.com

online portfolio builder 2013 7

I loved their name although I am not sure how it came about.  They are a relative new player in the online portfolio builder business but they seems rather promising. Worth checking them out.


#8: Foliodrop.com

online portfolio builder 2013 8

A rather artistic focus portfolio website builder. Everything from homepage design to the templates screams of individuality. Best for fashion designers or models who want to make a fashion statement.


#9: PortfolioLounge.com

online portfolio builder 2013 9

A cool sounding name but nothing really stands out. It is clear from the homepage that it has at least responsive templates that will enable your portfolio website to look good, whether they are displayed on laptops or mobile devices.


#10: 22Slides.com

online portfolio builder 2013 10


Another slick online portfolio builder that comes with an easy to use editor and lots of responsive templates. There is also a seamless integration with all your current social media accounts so that whatever is updated there can be shown at your own portfolio site as well.


#11: Prosite

online portfolio builder 2013 11

I am sure many have heard of Behance, the community for designers and creative folks. They have an online portfolio builder that allows anyone to create their own portfolio website independent of Behance.  If you are regular of Behance, you might want to check Prosite out as well.


#12: Sitedity.com

online portfolio builder 2013 12

Sitedity is a new comer to the portfolio building scene. Its main focus is on making your photos look good.  All their templates are designed to give you maximum focus on your images.

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