10 Unusual and Useful Technology Inventions

A successful, profitable product starts with a good idea. Technology is one of key way to bring your idea into physical product. Today’s Collection diversifies different technology inventions products. This based on camera, LED, Guitar, Refrigerator, iPad and USB.

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1) Pistol Camera

This Pistol Camera named as DORYU 2-16 gun shaped 16mm cameras. It was given to Japan Officers.

pistol camera

2) Fleximus Camera

Fleximus camera is a flexible tube with a lens. You can choose to mount either a compact view finder or a three-inch display module.

Fleximus Camera

3) Watch Camera

This Watch comes along bult-in digital Camera. You can attach USB cable into your notebook to watch video

Watch Camera

4) Electronic Ruler

Amazing Electronic Ruler that measure length of ever line that you draw into paper.

Electronic Ruler

5) Calculator Ruler

It is another invented of Technology, It has built –in- Calculator and digital Clock.

Calculator Ruler

6) LED Umbrella

Blade Runner comes in two colors Blue and White. It is LED’s Umbrealla from ThinkGeek.

LED Umbrella

7) Big Foot Guitar

George Marlin is famous Guitar maker. He created a unusual and Creative Guitar.Check here for the best selection of guitars of a more normal variety.

Big Foot Guitar

8) Egg Refrigerator

Google Branded Egg Refrigerator shaped.

Egg Refrigerator

9) Waterproof iPad Case

WATERWEAR for iPad/Tablet PC is a carrying case made from a durable, transparent material with a triple zipper design to lock iPad

Waterproof iPad Case

10 ) Infinite USB

A new kind of USB plug-in, provides an USB port when occupies one. There is no limitation of the USB port of labtop anymore.

infinite usb

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  1. A Cute Tiger says:

    some of these inventions are not so useful or beneficial… but anyway it is so interesting concept..

  2. all of the new inventions are really good 🙂 i hope they will contribute a lot in a human life 🙂 and would make work more easier 🙂 espesially the watch ca,era is so useful for press and media people 🙂

  3. That is some inspirational material. Ne’er knew that beliefs could possibly be this varied. Thanks for all of the exuberance to supply such helpful data on this post.

  4. That infinite usb would be really useful. It will be very helpful to laptop users who plug in alot of gadgets in their notebook, thus making file transfers much easier.

  5. vihor72 says:

    hello from me – beautiful … 🙂

  6. web3mantra says:

    Thanks for sharing this post.I like this post.It contains good examples of useful technology.