Best website hosts around the world domain name extension is the most trusted and widely recognised in the world. But it isn’t always the best option for every business. There are times when a country-specific domain, such as ones that end (UK) (New Zealand), offers the best value for your business website.

The tendency for most new websites is to opt, or when that isn’t available for their preferred domain name, they go The logic is that these TLDs make their site look more professional and give it an international appeal. While that’s true most of the time, using a country-specific domain name may be more beneficial to your business.

Choosing a country-specific domain name is an excellent opportunity to attract more customers, especially if your business has a local focus. Sometimes, the best tactic is to buy both TLD and the country-specific domain name extension of your business location. This helps your website attract both local and international clients.

Country-specific domain names give your website several other advantages, but here are the major ones to note.


Higher Google search ranking

When potential consumers are searching for a business or product, Google, and other top search engines automatically give higher ranking to websites that end in the searcher’s country TLD — higher than sites with TLD in the same business category or selling the same product.


Local market confidence

Consumers tend to have greater confidence patronising websites with their country’s TLD, as they view it as local and familiar with market and legal peculiarities of the country.

Hosting with one of your country’s top local web hosts offers you the best platform for a country-specific domain name, as well as TLD. Here are some of the top web host companies from selected countries.


  1. UK


eUKHost comes with a solid 15 years plus industry experience and hosts over 35,000 clients with more than 150,000 domains. It has 1,200 servers housed in two ultra-modern data centres in the UK.


NetHosted has a modern SD database system, which gives its customers the benefit of reliability and lighting speed loading time. The company also boasts of having one of the best server backup policies. It is an authentic British company and does not outsource any of its servers or staff.

  1. USA


GoDaddy is perhaps one of the best-known web host companies on the internet and certainly one of the largest in the industry. With tens of millions of domain names in its portfolio, it is the largest domain registrar in the world.



BlueHost has a modern, fresh, attractive look and feel about its layouts, services, and customer support. It powers over two million websites around the world and has over 750 technical staff dedicated to excellent client support 24/7.


3. France


The name, OVH might not ring a bell, but a lot of people will be astounded to know it is the third largest web host company, just behind Amazon and Digital Ocean. It has over one million servers spread across more than 17 data centers.



Gandi is another top-rated French web hosting company and has a broad portfolio of top-class clients, including the European Union and other notable large multinational corporations.


  1. Germany


1and1 is a popular with many new business websites because of its low domain registration fees. It is also one of the oldest and most trusted with over 12 million website owners.



Strato is rated one of the biggest and most reliable web hosting services in Europe with four million domains, 50,000 servers and over 1.4 million customers in six countries.


  1. New Zealand


With a superior online management tool and excellent, round the clock customer support, Freeparking is a great choice for a web host company in the country and the region. Its customer base of over 28,000 keeps climbing steadily, as website owners bank on the advantages of the company’s over 15 years experience in domain name registration and hosting services.



HostPapa is one of the country’s fastest growing and largest web host companies. It’s most popular for its range of exciting hosting plans offered at one of the cheapest rates in the industry.

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