10 Online Snippets to Test your Coding

There are a lot of resources available online and using those resources web developers can now develop like never before. All the while you are writing code you might want some sort of a snippet in order to see what you have written so you can make changes accordingly.That proves very beneficial. It is at least better than developing the entire thing and then altering something you wrote in the very beginning and for this purpose, the purpose of looking what you code while you’re coding, many online apps can do the trick. This particular list talks about ten online snippets to test your coding. Enjoy the read.


Viper7 Codepad

You can also refer to this application as Codepad. If you register with these guys, you can use their personal storage system. You can save your PHP projects and they will be hosted online for free. Moreover, you will not require any software on your computer to run this application. So give it a shot.



They support many languages including Objective-C, C#, VB.NET, SQL, Java and the likes. You can quickly debug your codes on the same page no matter what language it is in and that is the good thing about this one. Your code can be saved via a URL which can then be shared across the web if you so feel like it.


Google Code Playground

Most of the developers out there are not familiar with this one. This one grants you full access to your API and you can even debug your code in the same window. The best part is that you can pull data from the biggest products offered by Google for example videos from YouTube, markers from Google Maps and even posts from Blogger.



Does the name sound familiar? Yeah, we are pretty sure you guessed it. Anyway, with this application you can share your JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 code snippets. Note though that this app is not all that open compared to the others. You will have to go through a rather formal registration process along the way which will require you to connect to one of the social networks.


CSS Desk

The setup to this particular application is pretty much the same as the others. You have your code on the left and rendered result on the right side. If you are building small templates, this one is absolutely brilliant. You can even download your code to your computer. If you don’t have any coding software, this might just be the perfect replacement until of course you find yourself an IDE software.



The names might sound familiar but please do not confuse it with the application below. This particular application features support for complex functions and might not be as simple as the one mentioned below. You can sign-up for a free account and save your code online. You can share your code via the popular social networks. Also, you do not need an account to start coding. You can start straightaway.


JS Bin

This particular application is a pretty simple JavaScript debugging console. You can share a private link with other developers and if you are lucky you might even get some help with your development. If you are not used to it, it might be a bit difficult to understand or use but you will eventually get used to it. There are tutorials available to have your warm up to the entire thing so it is not a problem.



This particular application will support coding in JavaScript, HTML 5 and CSS3. It will render the output directly on the screen. Although the application is still in its alpha phase, it works pretty much flawlessly. It will even catch bugs for you and fairly quickly too. This particular online web application will also support keyboard shortcuts which you don’t normally get to use with other apps so this is a huge plus this one has; saves you a lot of time.


Write Code Online

If you click on the link above you will be redirected to the JavaScript editor. From there it is up to you what you choose. The choices are between JS, PHP and basic URL encoding. The application itself is very safe to use and is also lighter compared to the others. The best part is that you can see the results of your code underneath the text field all you have to do is hit ‘run code’.



This particular application was originally created by Steven Hazel. You can share code syntax across the web using this particular resource. You can copy and/or paste your code and share it online. You will be able to see any errors you might have made in the output screen and you can even change the language, and there are many options for that. If you are writing a really complex software, you might want to look into this one.

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    Great list. Will helpful for designers who struggling to test their coding

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    Good Collection, worth bookmarking.

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    I played around with Google Code Playground. Loved it. Thanks for the list.

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    Codepen.io is my favorite