6 Energy Saving Technologies To Lessen Your Business’ Carbon Footprint

With global warming becoming more and more of a concern as the years go by, companies are starting to look into ways that they can reduce their carbon footprint. As businesses emit carbon dioxide, this gas travels up and gets stuck in our atmosphere causing the atmosphere to warm gradually over time. Not only is switching towards greener energy good for the environment, but governments are beginning to give incentives towards those that switch towards these energy solutions within their business. Do you want to be known as a business responsible for harming the environment? Here are six energy-saving technologies that you can use to lessen the carbon footprint of your business.

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1. Solar Panels

The best kind of energy is one that you don’t have to think or worry about. If your company has a large amount of roof space or a large amount of free land, look into installing solar panels. While costly at first, these panels will help to provide your company with large amounts of energy while also taking away the need for non-renewable energy sources. If you are unsure of how much money you can save, you can go to the website to get a comparison of how much you would be paying with and without the solar panels. You will notice that there is quite a difference soon these solar panels will be paying for themselves. Not only is this energy great for the environment, but it also is becoming cheaper due to government incentives. Governments will give you tax benefits and reductions if you switch your company’s energy towards this. Add solar panels to make your company more environmentally friendly.


2. LED Lighting

If your company is using an old office, chances are it is full of fluorescent lighting. While it can be cheaper than the LED kind, this type of lighting is terrible for the environment and can also be hard on your eyes after an extended period of time. By making the switch over to LED, you will also save money in the long-run as these energy-saving lights will be less costly on your monthly bill. You can easily reduce your carbon footprint by changing out your lights.


3. Switch To Electric Cars

If your business is one that has people drive around, look into replacing company cars with either hybrid or electric models. A hybrid car runs on both electricity and gas, but is much more efficient than your standard car. The car emits much less carbon dioxide into the environment and uses electricity whenever it can. An electric car, on the other hand, runs fully on electricity as the name would imply. Switching over to these types of cars will ensure that your company is doing its job in reducing the carbon footprint it makes on the world.


4. Go Digital with Online Cloud Storage

Society and the work environment are switching to being fully online and digital. Therefore, the days of printing and photocopying are coming to an end. This is great for the environment as first of all it allows us to save on countless amounts of paper that would be used in the past and secondly, energy does not have to be consumed to power the photocopier or printer. Online data storage is easily accessible from anywhere by anyone in the company and can make work that much more convenient while also saving tons of energy.


5. Climatize Your Building with Insulating Paints

One of the biggest problems companies face is the amount of energy and emissions they create by trying to keep their buildings either warm or cool. A poorly constructed building will either have to have the heat blasting to keep it warm or the air conditioning on full to ensure that employees are comfortable. Look into upgrading the layout of the building to allow for better air circulation and look into getting better insulation so that the building does not need as much heat in the colder months to keep everyone warm. There are now paints that have been invented that help to insulate and keep heat in areas where one is unable to stick the insulation behind the walls. Technology like this helps to save energy by reducing the amount of heat needed to keep the room warm. This will cut down on energy costs while also keeping carbon dioxide emissions lower. Look into insulating paints as an option to save energy on heating.


6. Water Efficient Toilets and Bathrooms

People don’t realize that conserving water plays a huge role in energy-saving and carbon footprint reduction. By having water-efficient bathroom appliances, your filter systems will not have to work as hard and therefore will cut down emissions. Along with this, your water bill will be lower as you will find yourself saving much more water per month. Look to keep your bathroom water efficient.


With all of the technology out there today, there is no excuse for not being able to lessen your carbon footprint. Figure out what is best for your company and make the switch today. How are you going to save energy?


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