10 Firefox Add-ons Twitter Users Can’t Live Without

If you are a Firefox user and a Twitter lover, then you should definitely check out these great firefox extensions that will make your twitter experience more amazing.

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Twitter Search

Twitter Search -- Add-ons for Firefox

It is a FireFox extension that lets you search content on Twitter. This extension even searches tweets by other users and allows you to search for people on Twitter. This Twitter search engine loads into the list of search engine on the FireFox web browser.

Power Twitter

Power Twitter -- Add-ons for Firefox

Power Twitter adds various features to your Twitter Web interface. For instance, narrowing your search to a specific user on Twitter, Facebook updates, expansion of the URL, it also enables you to do custom settings to Twitter, uploading photos, and including other media websites like YouTube, Flickr, Google Maps is also possible.


StockTwits Firefox Extension -- Add-ons for Firefox

It lets you search and follow the stocks of your choice. It shows you the tweets related to that stocks that you chose from the Twitter Website. This extension can prove to be amazingly useful if you do online trading and wish to stay updated with information on the stocks you follow.

Twitter Fox

Echofon for Twitter -- Add-ons for Firefox

It is one of the most popular and loved extension that lets you stay updated about your friends on Twitter. If notifies you every time your friends update their tweets. It also lets you update your own tweets using the text input field available in Twitter Fox. This FireFox extension was called TwitterNotifier before.


HootBar (formerly TwitterBar) -- Add-ons for Firefox

This extension lets you tweet directly from your browser address bar. Entering upto 140 characters is possible. After the installation of this addon to FireFox, you will see a tiny Twitter icon at the right hand side of the address bar. All you have to do is to type your tweet in the address bar and then simply click on the Twitter icon in order to post the tweet. By pointing the icon you can know the number of characters left. You can also click Twitter icon to tweet the URL of the site you are presently viewing.


shortxt - Post longer Tweets on Twitter -- Add-ons for Firefox

This one is for everyone who hates the Twitter word limit of 140 characters as it lets you tweet more than the word limit. This addon lets you tweet straight from it. It also boasta an additional feature, that allows converting and resolving TinyURL links so that you know which links you are clicking on (and where it will lead) and if they are safe.


Twitbin -- Add-ons for Firefox

It is similar to Twitter messenger.It lets you send and receive messages from your friends and Twitter through Twitter straight from your browser. An awesome FireFox extension for Twitter and a must have for all the Twitter lovers!


TwitKit -- Add-ons for Firefox

This one is a Twitter sidebar for FireFox and has a 6- section interface. Tabs can be used to separate content on the Twitter page. It lets you view your timeline, Twitter public timeline and the latest tweets by your friends and followers. You can also check out your friends list replies sent to you and your account stats.


Song.ly -- Add-ons for Firefox

As trhe name suggests it lets you share music links with your friends. When wish to share a music file link with your friends, simply right click on the link and choose ‘Song.ly: Share this song’ from the context menu. In this way your friends will easily get the link of the music file and if they want they can listen to it straight from the browser.


TwittyTunes -- Add-ons for Firefox

TwittyTunes lets you post the list of songs that you are presently playing to the Twitter site. It also lets you post the URL of the sites that you are currently viewing and videos that you are watching etc. It allows you to post URL or play-lists just in a single click.

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  1. Maybelle says:

    I just started with Twitter, I know I’m late but posts like this is really cool! Thanks!

  2. Jacob N says:

    You missed one of the most valuable Twitter add-ons of all — Yoono.