The Most Valuable Cryptocurrencies of All Time 

There has been a lot of talk in recent years regarding the popularity surrounding cryptocurrency. This is something that came onto the public scene and got a lot of attention. Although it was very much a niche interest, in the beginning, a huge number of people now invest in the online currency. However, there is a lot to keep track of regarding crypto. Prices are always changing, and new currencies are constantly coming onto the market. However, the most valuable currencies can be considered relatively reliable due to their worth. If you are curious about the most valuable cryptocurrencies, then here are some of them explained.



Bitcoin is, without a doubt, the most renowned form of cryptocurrency on the market. It was the first major crypto option for people to invest in. Since then, it has kept a stable value and has been considered one of the more reliable options when it comes to investing. There are even derivatives of Bitcoin, which have also been very successful among investors. As of August 2022, the value of Bitcoin is currently $21,500. You can keep an eye on any changes in regards to Bitcoin value by checking out a cryptocurrency live price index.


Pax Gold 

Although it is not as much a household name as Bitcoin, Pax Gold is another valuable, popular form of cryptocurrency. It is Ethereum-based crypto, which has given investors more faith when it comes to backing this crypto. As well as this, the crypto is entirely backed by gold. This further adds to the value and stability of this currency, with its value being 1:1 to an ounce of gold. The currency was born back in 2019 and was seen as a great alternative to buying physical gold as it allowed you to escape minimum buy requirements. Pax Gold currently sits at a value of $1747.



Ethereum is another well-known form of crypto. It also has had a high and stable value during its tenure, which started back in 2013. It was invented by Canadian Russian programmer Vitalik Buterin when he wanted to create a more practical form of cryptocurrency. When it was first developed, a coin of Ethereum was worth just $0.31. However, this crypto is now the world’s third most valuable cryptocurrency. Its current worth is $1662 as of August 2022.

Currently, you can buy Ethereum easily at any crypto exchanges around the world. For example, if you want to know how to buy ethereum in canada, just visit Just google for the exchanges operating in your country and you are good to go.



Maker is a very valuable form of cryptocurrency despite its relatively young age. It launched in 2017 and currently holds a value of $845. It is unique in the sense that owning Maker coins is similar to owning shares in a business. Each holder will have the ability to vote and make suggestions for the crypto. Despite Maker being an unknown form of crypto, it is readily available for people to invest in as they please.


Whether you are looking to get into cryptocurrency trading or are just interested in how it all works, the information here will guide you on the most valuable cryptocurrencies that are available and how they started.

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