9 Excellent Website To Check A Site Down or Blocked

Some countries block some specific websites, thus people of these countries cannot visit that website. When they try to visit it they get the follwoing error message: “This webpage is not available.” But this error message will also appear if the site is down, so how can you check if a specific website is really down or just blocked in your area? Well you can check it by using any of the 9 websites given below!

So check out the list of 10 Best Websites That Let You Check If A Site Is Down Or Blocked

Just Ping


As the name suggests, this website will ping the domain you entered from 50 locations from across the planet. Unless you see no “Okey” in the result, then that website is blocked in that location where the result comes out to be “Packets lost (100%)”.

But most of the times the results are different every time it is checked, so you should check more than one time.

Watch Mouse


This one is similar to the one mentioned above. It pings your website from 30 locations around the globe, and then lets you know if the website is down or blocked.

Down For Everyone Or Just Me


The name says it all. It lets you check if the a specific site is down for everyone or just you. Simply enter any domain you want to check and get the result!



IsUp.Me is similar to the Down For Everyone Or Just Me. It works in exactly the same way.

 Down Or Not


Simply enter a website’s domain, press the Return key, then this site will show you if the site is down or not. Simple. Picking up a site listed to check if it is down or blocked is also possible.

Down Or Is It Just Me

down or is it just for me

This is yet another website that lets you check if a site is really down or not simply by entering its domain.



Just enter the domain of the site you wish to check, and then this website will show you if they can access that website.

Up Or Down


This website lets you check if a site is up or down, simply by entering the domain.



DOJ.me is short for Down Or Just Me, so this site will show you if the specific website you checked is down or not.

If a website is up according to the 10 websites mentioned above, but you still can’t visit it, then that website is blocked in your area!

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  1. alvin says:

    can you help me if this site is up?

    im just wondering why some of our visitors report that it is down though it is not in our pc

  2. Kole Skanda says:

    http://monitive.com has a quick-test feature on their homepage that shows how does the page respond from different locations around the world. If just one country is blocked, you’d see it there.


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