10 Best e-Commerce Platforms for Your Website

Online marketing and shopping has become quite common nowadays, so it is obvious that e-commerce websites of all sizes are now a great business.  There is a plethora of online shopping stores on the web, and they are increasing day by day. This thing increases the need and importance of good e-commerce platforms. A number of e-commerce platforms are present out there, but choosing the best suited one for your website is not an easy task.

We have a list of 10 Best e-Commerce Platforms for Your Website. These platforms will allow easy creation of your own online store, as they boast some of the most amazing set of features and options. So check them out and pick the one that suits your needs the best!



This one is a hosted e-commerce platform that allows extreme easy and quick creation of your own online store. It offers safe shopping carts, nice e-commerce templates, plus web hosting. You can also try out the 30-day trial before making the actual purchase.



This one is different from all the rest in this list. It is not a one-stop solution for all your e-commerce problems. It is not a complete CMS, as it does not have any specialized tools for analytics or inventory. Instead, it can be simply integrated seamlessly within your existing design and functionality.



Magento needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular and widely used e-commerce platform that has a user base of more than a 100,000. The best thing about it is that it has different solutions based on different businesses’ needs, such as Enterprise and Small Business versions. It also conducts Developer Certification programs.



CubeCart boasts a handy way of creating your own e-commerce website. It offers two solution according to prices — a free limited Lite version with 100 customers and 250 products (and no technical support), or the Pro version by paying a one-time $180 which boasts tech support and unlimited features.


big commerce

This one allows selling products on Facebook and eBay, or on your own store. You can get a Platinum Plan for $149.95/month for getting option of selling unlimited products on your website. You can also try out the free 15-day trial before making the actual purchase.

Zen Cart


Zen Cart is another really cool e-commerce platform which makes setting up an online store quite easy. It is free and open source software which is quite user friendly.



Ubercart is not really a total CMS, but it is a shopping cart solution which can be integrated in your Drupal-based website. This might not be one of the best e-commerce solutions,  but if you have a Drupal-based website and want features like paid or Premium downloads, shopping cart, etc. then you can try it out! The best part is that it is free and open source.




This one is another open source e-commerce platform. It already powers more than 12,000 websites and boasts a community or more than 260,000 members. It is licensed under a GPL and has addons.



Highwire is quite different from the rest as it allows both, setting up your own store, or using it for selling on eBay or Facebook. Syncing your inventory across many channels of e-commerce is also possible. You can also keep tabs on all your orders and payments from one centralized system. It has handy mobile features, even an iOS and Android apps. The amazing thing is that it also has a Free plan.



This one is an all-in-one hosted e-commerce platform. There pricing is quite competitive, and you can also try out its 14-day free trial before making the actual purchase. It also offers a 24×7 support too.

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  1. W says:

    What about IOS / Mobile support?

    This is hugely important & some of the carts listed (e.g.: fat free cart) lose a lot of their design functionality in ios/ mobile. e.g.: opens up new windows, instead of in overlay / lightbox.

    Customers don’t like going to new windows….

    Maybe an updated list with ios/ mobile friendly commerce sites would be timely? 🙂

    sorry, totally disagree, fat-free cart does not play nicely with ios/ mobile devices.

  2. aditia says:

    like Barger said you missed prestashop

  3. kamrul says:

    You can still sell these services online with professional ecommerce development. You simply charge the client for your services, just as you would sell a product, and then deliver the service at an agreed upon time.

  4. Rocky says:

    Opencart has got to be on this list. Magento is way to heavy and complex for even developers to understand let alone users! Opencart gets my vote any day!

  5. Good list. Though I would recommend putting Lemonstand on this list. It’s a great ecommerce platform and very customisable.

  6. Barger st says:

    Nice collection dude, but u missed Prestashop and Fat free cart also. choosing platform is not enough to effective performance, choosing best tech support is also important.

  7. Go Ubercart go! 🙂

    – John

  8. Anthony says:

    Where is OpenCart on this list? You guys should check it out and add it to the list. It is a Free Open Source Solution. Magento is good but I find that if I need a small site then Magento is to much. OpenCart is nice and small and easier to understand the back-end PHP.

  9. vencanice says:

    Nice collection, thanks for sharing.