5 Smart Tricks To Make Your Online Shop Content Pop

There are over 2.5 billion digital shoppers across the globe, shopping at over 9 million online shops. By 2022, almost 80% of Americans had shopped online, and almost a quarter of Americans shop online at least once a month.

Over 60% off shopping occasions begin online, which means that if your online shop isn’t looking its best, then you’ll be losing sales hand over fist. For the Millennials, hand over fist is a bad thing – JK, you know you’re loved.

Below are five smart tricks for making your online shop content pop.


1. Intuitive Design

Online shoppers can be picky with where they shop, and they have a right to be – there is an endless supply of common stores like clothing, makeup, and home décor. Each of those respective markets is loaded with brands that are willing to do almost anything to get sales.

You can beat them at their own game by ensuring your online store has the most intuitive design. A thoughtful customer purchase journey can halve abandoned cart rates and lead to a significant increase in sales.

That, combined with updated social media content, is a recipe for online success.


2. Vibrant Colors

The best overall color scheme for Ecommerce is black and white. It is practical, professional, and versatile. That is the theme color, and background color for the shop – all the other elements like lifestyle shots and product photography need to pop with vibrant colors.

Vibrant colors draw the attention of your audience, and well-shot product photography can land the sale.


3. Chic Product Photography

The biggest trick to boosting online sales is revamping your product photography strategy. Your products should be detailed, well-lit, and available in high-resolution to allow customers to zoom in.

Most often, your customers will only have those photographs for reference before they commit to a purchase – give them the confidence to complete their purchase by showing them every conceivable detail and angle.

Learn how to make the background transparent in your product shots – so that they stand out on your website.


4. Visible Scale Reference

The easiest way to add a scale reference to your products, like clothing, accessories, and home décor, is by using people and furniture items in lifestyle shots.

That will add depth and demonstrate scale, particularly when it comes to accessories like handbags and jewellery. One of the biggest reasons for returned purchases is that they did not meet the size requirements of the customer.


5. Color Renders

If your product is available in multiple colors, you need to show your customers that. If you can’t photograph and upload each option, consider getting renders done to show what that item looks like in all of the available colors.

Not all customers can imagine what that item would look like in a different color, so don’t leave them guessing. If a customer is confident with their product choice, an online purchase can follow seconds later.

Most online customers know what they like, so it is your job to give them that – or be so good at your job that you change their minds and sell them something else entirely.

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