Social media marketing trends for 2016 that should not be ignored

Social media marketing success is only possible when you use the correct strategies. If you do not use the right ones, you will not attract the customers that you want. By taking advantage of the proper strategies you can easily increase business profits. Here are the trends that you should not ignore and you need to remember.

social media marketing trend


Social Bookmarking Sites Use On The Decline

Social bookmarking sites were often used by social media marketing Melbourne firms some time ago. This is no longer the case as their popularity is much lower at the moment. Websites like Friendfeed or DIGG are no longer useful in marketing campaigns. You should remain focused on the options that are the best and it is a really good idea that you only perform bookmarking in a cautious way.


Daily Deal Sites Lose Visitors

Daily deal offerings are seen as highly powerful in attracting targeted customers in large numbers. However, we see that around 80% of online marketers do not want to use the really well-known daily websites like Living Social or Groupon in the future. The main focus is basically put on building a social media marketing campaign that would bring in constant returns. Social networking has to be used with long term goals in mind instead of just getting one big deal out once in a while.


Using Social Media Campaigns On Top Sites

The social media campaigns will only need to be carried out on the suitable websites. Your goal is to attract the interested customers. In order for a campaign to be successful, it has to be conducted only on relevant websites that are highly popular among potential customers.

Statistics highlight that most of the work done at the moment is done on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and Google Plus. Also, the internet marketers that have a high experience on the market will want to use LinkedIn while those with low experience will not.


B2C and B2B Trends

B2C (business to consumer) marketing usually focuses on Facebook. B2B (business to business) marketing normally focuses on using Facebook and LinkedIn. The B2B marketing campaigns are much more complex and will use an increased number of platforms to be successful. Minimal Youtube usage is the case in both marketing approaches and blogs are encouraged since they are highly popular and can increase the possibility of success.


Decrease In Online Check-Ins

Geo-location services are not as popular as they used to be in the past. Such services offer people the possibility to check in to locations online. The use decline shows us that people are much more concerned about safety and privacy. Smart marketers started to tackle the problem by using rewards and contests. That can encourage check-ins when people do not really want to check in online.

It is really important that you adapt. Make sure that you are aware of all the trends and that you build social media campaigns based on them. You want to run campaigns on the networks that targeted customers use.

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