SmashingHub’s cool tools roundup 6

Welcome to the 6th article in our cool tools roundup series. There are plenty of useful tools being introduced for the past week so you are in for a treat. If you want me to pick a favorite, I would say “timber” as I feel this will really help theme developers get their work out faster on shopify themes. If this doesn’t excite you, there are still plenty of other cool tools you should check out in this roundup. Who knows, you might find something that changes your workflow for the better 🙂


#1: Timber

cool tools roundup 6-1

I know there is a lot of you who are building themes for reselling. Here is a cool theme builder you might want to take note of. Timber helps you create shopify themes in a much faster environment with various tools and shortcuts. If you have been thinking of selling shopify themes, using Timber will speed up that process.


#2: Tiny Colorpicker

cool tools roundup 6-2

I have highlighted some nice color palette for 2014 in my last article. Here is another cool color tool that has just released its latest version. Tiny colorpicker is a lightweight plugin that creates a color picker right from your browser. Very convenient and useful.


#3: AdminLTE

cool tools roundup 6-3

AdminLTE is a free admin template based on the Bootstrap 3 framwork. There are a lot of options for you to customize this free theme so you can easily modify it for your own use.


#4: Background Checker

cool tools roundup 6-4

This is neat little JS that helps to automatically choose a brighter or darker version of your design elements based on how bright the images are in the web page. It is great way to optimize the viewing experience of visitors.


#5: BourBon Nest

cool tools roundup 6-5

This is a great framwork for handling responsive websites. If you are already using Sass or Bourbon, you should definitely check our neat as it offers a great library for easy code build out.


#6: Conditionizr

cool tools roundup 6-6

Conditionizr is a super lightweight script that detects the browser environment of your user and load the necessary elements to support the rendering of the website. If you want your website to be cross browser compatible, this is a neat little tool to have in your arsenal.


#7: ANBlurredTableView

cool tools roundup 6-7

This is a neat little tool that dims the background image as the reader scrolls through the text. It makes for a good reading experience and is something you can consider during your website design.

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