Guest blogging – What it means and how to promote your blog posts

How would you define the term guest blogging? In simple terms this is a method by which bloggers use to enhance their site’s traffic. It involves generating posts and having them published on other people’s sites or blogs.  There are two ways by which guest blogging can be used.

  • You may choose to create an article and post it on another blog
  • Allow a person to write a post and publish it on your blog

Often, website owners use guest blogging as a means of generating links to their sites. Well, if your main objective of guest posting is linking them to other people’s sites then you are likely to get punished by search engines.  Google is very strict on sites that are using guest posting for the purpose of SEO link building. You can visit to read about what Matt Cutt, former Google’s Web Spam team head, had to say concerning over-optimization and spamming.

Having understood what guest blogging is it is high time you developed and promoted your post. Mostly, the incoming traffic to a blog post is witnessed during the first day of publishing. You may experience traffic bumps days after; however, more of it should come in the initial stages of publishing and not later.

Considering that, it is essential to promote your posts and enhance their incoming traffic the moment you publish them. This is vital especially for trending topics but not limited to them – do it for all your posts. Below are some of the ways to help you enhance your posts visibility once you have had them published.


Share on Twitter

Twitter offers the most ideal social media platform to share your post immediately after having it published. You can either share it on twitter manually or automatically link to your newest post in your Twitter stream using any of the available tools designed for that purpose.


Share the post on Facebook

Considering the big number of people using Facebook, chances are that they will be most willing to go through your content as well. In case you have created a Facebook Page, do not hesitate to share your post on it as well as your Facebook Profile.


Share your blog post link on Pinterest

This is a visual social site for bookmarking. In case your blog posts consists of images, then there is no better place to help you promote them rather than Pinterest.


Share you post on Google plus

This is a strong tool with ability to promote your post and disregarding it can be a big mistake if you intend to boost your posts’ readership.


Link your post on your LinkedIn profile

In the event that you are creating a business-oriented post, professional or career, LinkedIn is the most appropriate platform for their promotion.


Share your post with members in your LinkedIn group

In case you are a member of any group on LinkedIn, do not hesitate to share snippets and links with regard to your posts. The only thing you need is to ensure that what you are sharing with your colleagues is relevant to avoid being considered as selfish. Definitely, you do not wish to be dubbed a spammer whose main objective is to litter your group chats with links directing to your posts with no valuable return in the end.


Bottom line: Guest blogging is a way of making money and using it for this course can be a wise idea. You do not want to spend time and money developing something that does not live up to its objectives. Visit us at to understand more about this important practice. There are actually many ways you can use to enhance your blog posts and gain the most out of your efforts.


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