Qards: How to build posts like New York Times

164 years of crafting amazing stories for and about people around the world. That could be the definition of success, right? Actually, what really proves that New York Times is still on the right track is the simple fact that it exists today. It is there, online and offline as well, every single time, packed with the latest headlines from USA to Sydney, from Mexico to Tokyo and backwards.

  • Learn from the best and create beautiful visual stories

It’s hard to overcome those many years of hard work. It’s even harder to imagine how The New York Times will shape in the near future. But what you can do is to dive deep and make the best out of the lessons they learned. Today, there are good tools that can help you create beautiful posts like New York Times does.

One is Qards, a robust visual editor for the WordPress community. You can start with it and keep improving your work-in-progress process until you get close enough of how New York Times posts look like.

So if you aim to learn from the leaders, such as New York Times, and to adapt everything to your own personal style, continue to read this article about Qards. Basically, you will learn concrete and useful things in order to build appealing posts and gain an important online audience.

So, let’s start with small steps and follow a simple guideline about what Qards can do in terms of creating trustworthy posts.
Below we will try to build a similar beautiful post like this one published by the New York Times:


Step 1

We’ll begin with some actions to get used with Qards. Once you do them a couple of times everything will be piece of cake. First thing first: use Drag & Drop to quickly upload a beautiful image from your computer for the cover area.
Then, click on the + icon, select Text and choose from the pre-designed cards. You can add as many as you wish and you can delete some of them as well. Moreover, you can only keep one line of text, for example the main title, and erase the rest of it. Everything is editable so go crazy.


Step 2

Now, create a section by uploading an image with the same action (Drag & Drop). If you like something more interactive you can opt for video backgrounds. They are more dynamic and people love to watch catchy videos, especially if they are attractive.

Step 3

Next, give some insights about the topic of your post. Let people know about the story behind the scenes by clicking the same Text button from the main menu. Of course, you can choose for the right font, color and size in order to match your particular needs.


Step 4

To win precious time feel free to duplicate as many sections as you want. You can do that in the blink of an eye. If your posts will be about great destinations around the world this feature will be your best friend. On top of that, you don’t need to go back at the main menu and keep doing this annoying action. Just duplicate, edit, adapt.


Step 5

After you duplicate blocks of content, you can play with the Grid menu. Qards has some great options to support your creative ideas. Choose from the pre-designed cards and feel free to make any kind of changes you want in minutes.

Congrats, your visual post is ready to be shared with the entire WWW world. You have a beautiful story about some amazing and adventurous places. Now, your prospective readers will be eager to book their flight and go there as soon as possible. And that’s your merit because you succeeded to showcase them in a beautiful package.

Go ahead and transform the next lines into reality with Qards. Not only you will understand how this plugin works at its best, you will also discover new creative gateways.

  • A variety of pre-designed cards to choose from

  • Typekit integration to accompany all types of posts and stories, visual and non-visual as well

  • Eye-candy backgrounds to grab attention and interest (YouTube videos will fit best)

  • Drag & Drop builder to check your tasks in minutes

  • SEO ready to make sure you skip this annoying step

  • Cache friendly with W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache and Quick Cache

  • Editable areas to match your needs (from Text to Grid, from Image to Layout)

  • Customizable in terms of a bunch of items (colors, fonts, call to actions buttons to name a few)

  • Provider of unforgettable user experiences

Qards has a ton of useful features and it wasn’t created to be just another design plugin on the market. On the contrary, it has a strong focus on providing you the right framework so that you can explore your creativity in exciting different ways.

Below you will see some examples of websites built with Qards:

You can easily adapt to today’s awesome design trends thanks to Qards. You’re now ready to start building awesome posts like New York Times does so let the journey begin

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