How Important Is Data to the Success of Your Business

Big Data, Analytics, Business Intelligence. You’ve certainly come across these terms during the recent years, and everywhere you go, everyone is talking about it’s the future of the business world. The reason for this is simple in its complexity: data are the invaluable mine that gives insights into the future. What would you do if you were able to look through a magic ball and find out the future? While it’s no magic, the benefits of analyzing data come pretty close to this metaphor. By analyzing the data of the past, businesses can predict the future trends of the market and customer behavior


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To explain it further, here’s why data is so important to the success of your business:

Data gives you the full picture

You may have the best features in the market, but if you don’t have the knowledge about how everything connects together, you’ll be moving blindly. All you’ll be doing is throwing your products and services out in the open air, hoping that any passerby will notice. This is no way to operate in the business world. On the other hand, by analyzing the data you’ve acquired, you’ll be able to see the full picture. You’ll see exactly what happens when customers pass by your services and fail to make a purchase, you’ll witness their behavior as they search through the web, and you’ll get insights into everything they do in the process.


Data helps you identify problems and find effective solutions 

By getting access to the exclusive bigger picture, you’ll know exactly what went wrong. Many business owners face a huge obstacle after launching their latest products or services and find low demand for them. They might have devised exceptional marketing and sales strategies to promote this product; the one they’ve invested so much in, only to be faced with failure. By analyzing their data and understanding its implications, not only will they be able to pinpoint the problem and propose an effective solution, but they could prevent its onset altogether. 


You make better decisions based on data

Based on the data you’ve mined and analyzed; you’ll be able to make informed decisions. If you find that customers have specific preferences, you’ll know exactly the features you need to add to tempt them. If you’re wondering about the next product or service you want to launch, you’ll get your answer. The choices you’ll make will all be based on the evidence you have, enabling you to make better decisions. 


You measure your progress accurately with data

Data is invaluable in pointing you to the direct direction in your operations, but that’s not where their significant role stops. Data stays by your side all through your operation, every step of the way, giving you real-time results to keep you updated on your progress. During your performance measurement process, the data reporting process is just as important as mining this data and analyzing it. The reporting process is the bridge between the data you mine and your ability to analyze it, and if your reports are inaccurate, you risk making wrong decisions or maximizing the use of your data.


You maximize work efficiency through data

The benefits you get from analyzing data go beyond the services and products you provide. In fact, it plays a critical role in optimizing your operations and find the most efficient workflow you can follow. By looking into what the data is telling you, you’ll have a better allocation of resources; saving down on costs, money, and effort. Statistics show how the average company wastes around 20% to 30% of their revenue on inefficient work processes, annually. You’ll definitely have a better use for this wasted money by exerting your efforts in the right direction instead. 


Data gives you insights to customers and the market

Data is the ultimate key in maximizing the efficiency of your business while pushing your growth window wide open. In analyzing the data you mine, you’ll be able to predict the future market trends before anyone else (of course, unless they’re also mining for this data). You’ll read your customers like open books, satisfying their needs before they realize they exist. In short, data is your key to dominating your industry.



There’s a reason that data is described as the new oil. It’s an invaluable mine waiting to be explored by business owners, and those who do will be the first to rule. The data provide many benefits to your business; letting you in on the bigger picture as a first step. By doing so, you’ll be able to make better decisions, find problems and propose effective solutions, accurately measure your progress, maximize your work efficiency, and get invaluable insights into the market trends and customer behavior. 


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