3 Security apps every freelancer needs on their computer

No matter what field you’re in, whether designing, coding, or writing, as a freelancer your computer is your business. Not only is it the platform on which you do all your work, but it is also where you find new clients and subsequently communicate with them. It is where you take care of all your finances. It is probably even the platform on which you make most of your business phone calls. Without your computer, you simply cannot work.

Which is why it is all the more astounding that many freelancers don’t take important security steps. No business owner would leave their office unlocked at all hours, and neither should you leave your computer vulnerable.

But without certain apps, you’re doing just that. Yes, your door is closed as long as you’re not downloading unsafe files or falling prey to phishing scams. However, it is unlocked, and anyone with the wherewithal to try can walk right through.

If you want your computer to be secure, make sure you have the following 3 security apps.


  1. A good VPN

There is an argument to be made for a virtual private network (VPN) to come standard on any computer. The counterargument is, of course, that the app ecosystem increases competition, keeping prices reasonable and forcing companies to prove themselves again and again. The problem is simply that not everyone takes the leap and subscribes to a VPN.

A VPN, in hiding your location and encrypting your data, is your first port of call for security. There is no question that you should install a VPN right now. If you are strapped for cash at the moment, what are your choices? Are there free VPN options available?

There are some good free VPNs and they are better than nothing. Try them out if you can’t yet commit to paying the monthly fee. But for your future reference, kindly check these top VPN providers if you are considering to purchase a paid service.


  1. Antivirus software

Yes, antivirus software is as important as ever. Even if you are using a Macbook. A lot of us feel very secure using our computers these days, as viruses are unlikely to just “land up” on your computer. However, we fail to account for how careless every one of us can be!

Just yesterday, I found myself on the verge of downloading some “cracked” software from an unsecure source online. I hadn’t been able to find a legal option that could do what I needed at that moment, and I was in a rush. I got so far as clicking on the link.

We all make mistakes, and even if you are confident now that you won’t, in a pinch you may surprise yourself. Antivirus software is important for these moments, even if you are using a Macbook.


  1. A password manager

Password managers may seem like a quaint concept, considering that your browser already manages your passwords. However, a password manager does far more than that. Remember what I was saying about our capacity for carelessness? We see this in particular with passwords. I’m one of those people who had a single password which I varied slightly for every different account. I had this password for over ten years!

What does a password manager do to help? It creates strong passwords for us, saving us the trouble of having to figure out a combination that actually secures us. With a password manager, you’ll get impenetrable passwords.

Your computer is your place of business. Don’t leave the door unlocked!

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