How to Play an Online Charity Raffle

A major factor influencing the charity raffle you opt to play is the charitable cause they support, and its relevance to you. If your local charity raffle companies do not meet this need, you should move your search to the internet.

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Find an online charity raffle where you can feel comfortable spending your money on tickets. The assurance that the funds are going towards something you hold close to your heart is enough motivation to keep spending.


What is a Charity Raffle?

A charity raffle is more than a gambling game. It enables the players to take part in building the community and supporting those in need.

The player purchases one or more raffle tickets, with each ticket having a chance of winning a prize.Winners are announced after a daily, weekly, monthly or mega draw.

The lottery organization uses part of the proceeds to support charity work such as children’s hospitals. In the end, whether the player wins or loses, they have the satisfaction of having impacted an individual’s life directly or indirectly.


The Ultimate Guide to Playing an Online Charity Raffle

An online charity raffle is conducted through the internet. As long as you are of eligible age, and your state allows playing raffles, you can participate as many times as you need.


Picking the Right Retailer

You can purchase the tickets through the charity raffleorganization or a retailer. A retailer is a third party vendor who is allowed to sell tickets on behalf of the charity lottery.

Ensure the charity lottery is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission. Evidence of these will be indicated by a license number displayed on the website.


Purchasing the tickets

Go to the retailer’s website and enter the number of tickets you would want to buy. Make the payments through a debit or credit card. Your unique ticket number will be sent to your e-mail address.

To guarantee the security of your financial information, check if the website has a secured connection. This will be indicated by a lock icon on the right –hand corner of the browser. The lock icon is an indication that the organization has an SSL certificate that keeps the flow of information between the web server and the browser private.



In case one of your tickets wins, you do not have to worry about missing out on your prize. In addition to posting the winning tickets on the website, the winner is notified through e-mail, phone, and post.

Most companies will also post the winning numbers through the local newspaper, and social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.


In conclusion

Charity raffles are more about supporting a good cause than winning prizes. Working with an online charity raffle is not just convenient, but it increases your chances of finding an organization that backs what you believe in.

Ensure that they are registered as required by the state and have a secure website, and you are sure to have fun and peace of mind as you try your luck with the prizes.

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