SLA 3D Printing: Everything you need to know (in only 10 minutes)

SLA printing is known as the first 3D printing process, and it’s still a popular way to create realistic prototypes and customized products. Whether you’re an industry expert or a designer looking for the best way to build your parts, read on to learn the ins and outs of SLA 3D printing.

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What is SLA printing?

Stereolithography, or SLA, is a vat polymerization process. Each product is created from a vat of liquid polymer resin. Ultraviolet light is used to selectively harden layers of resin into the desired shape.

Direct light processing, or DLP, uses a similar polymerization technology. Both SLA and DLP create products with fine details, smooth finishes, and high levels of customization.

SLA 3D printing is best used for products where appearance is more important than structural integrity. SLA printing can create intricate structures and complex geometric shapes without increasing the price per unit. Resins are available in different colors, and clear resin can also be used. However, the products made with SLA printing aren’t nearly as strong as those made with FDM or another printing method. Durable, heat-resistant, and rubber-like resin materials are available.

SLA printing is typically used to create visual prototypes. SLA parts have a smooth surface finish and often look identical to the final product. SLA printing is also used to make custom end-use products in different colors or with slight visual differences.


Mastering SLA 3D printing

To learn more about SLA printing, check out 3D Hubs new YouTube series, How to Master 3D Printing. The second episode, “How to Master SLA 3D Printing”, covers everything you might want to know about SLA printers and the objects made with them. In this episode, you’ll find out:

  • How SLA printing works
  • The difference between SLA and DLP
  • SLA post-processing methods
  • Best practices for SLA design

Jump straight into the episode for more information, or watch the entire video series to explore other popular 3D printing processes.


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