How to Handle Repetitive and Time-Consuming Tasks

Time is unequivocally the most valuable resource at our disposal, one that is both limited and impossible to regain once it slips through our fingers. However, while time in itself remains woefully limited, managing it properly and effectively can significantly improve all aspects of your life. Often, without realizing it, we tend to invest a majority of our time in repetitive and mundane tasks, be it in our professional or domestic lives. Identifying these activities can help salvage some of our precious time, enabling us to invest it wisely in a more productive manner. From data entry to the paying of bills, there are numerous tasks that can be easily automated, helping you save time and effort. When it comes to saving time, every small bit counts.


Here is how you can handle repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Delegate Tasks

How to Handle Repetitive and Time-Consuming Tasks 1

When it comes to your professional work, there are various repetitive and time-consuming tasks that often become bottlenecks. The biggest problem with them is that they require a significant investment of your employees’ time but do not yield a proportional benefit. Although time-consuming, mundane, and repetitive, these tasks would still be essential to the successful outcome of your project. Although you cannot ignore these tasks, you can easily offload them to virtual assistants. More and more organizations have warmed up to the idea of using virtual assistants, given that they are skilled in different domains like web development, project management, data entry, writing, and transcribing. Offloading and delegating such tasks can help free up your employees, leaving them available to tackle more significant and challenging tasks.

Employee Management

Managing your employees involves various repetitive tasks. Simply scheduling your employees’ projects and deadlines from one week to the next can use up quite a lot of your time. The hiring of new employees is another common activity in companies that involves a notable amount of paperwork and consumes a lot of time. The experts at WorkBright suggest using dedicated onboarding software that can make the onboarding process seamless, eliminating the need to perform repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Such software and apps allow the human resources department to interact directly with potential employees, saving valuable time and resources in the process.


Automate Tasks Where Possible

Each and every task that can be automated should be automated. Automating day-to-day tasks can help free time and let you participate in more productive activities. There are numerous tasks in your day-to-day life that you could automate. When repetitive tasks are performed, there is a higher possibility of making a mistake. Automating such tasks will also help improve accuracy and performance while resulting in faster responses. While automating tasks would initially be time-consuming, over the long run, it will prove extremely useful.

Paying Bills and Taxes

Paying bills and taxes are tasks that you encounter both in your professional and personal lives. Whether it is about paying property tax for your home or seeking deductions for your business expenses, the process of paying your bills and taxes can easily be automated. There are various software and apps that help you keep track of your expenses, provide payment reminders, automatically pay recurring payments, and also identify potential tax deductions. Even the process of generating invoices for your business can be automated. Such software help save time by keeping your expenses well organized, making it convenient to access them as and when required.

IT Tasks

A significant number of IT tasks are redundant and repetitive in nature. Fortunately, a significant number of these tasks are easy to automate.

  • Password reset requests for users locked out of their accounts are very frequently made in an organization. Automating this task can help reduce tens of hours of pointless labor. Introducing a simple password reset protocol through phone or email authentication is a great way of relieving your IT team.
  • Filling forms, gathering data, and automating SQL queries can help you gather necessary data and extract it for business use. When performed manually, managing these tasks can be quite a burden, however, with a little effort, they can be automated. In fact, the process can even be automated to send periodic emails containing the updates.
  • There is no way of knowing when your system may decide to give up, be it a software bug or a hardware failure. Losing your data could leave you in a rut and might require you to repeat hours of work. Backing up your data in a timely manner can help you avoid this. But backing up your data every time you make an update or a minor change can be quite irritating. This is where setting up an automatic backup system can help. There are various cloud services that you could use that not only back up your data whenever a change is made but also keep previous versions of your data and files.
  • Posting social media updates is a great way of reaching a wider audience, be it for a firm or an individual. As a marketing tool, social media is indispensable for big and small businesses alike. Managing multiple social medial pages across multiple platforms while responding to comments and queries can eat up a lot of your time, but by using dedicated software, you can post on multiple platforms at the same time and can also pre-schedule posts.


Eliminate Unnecessary Tasks and Optimize Workflow

How to Handle Repetitive and Time-Consuming Tasks 2


A lack of optimization in the workflow of your organization can result in severe bottlenecks. Identifying these is quite straightforward. While optimizing the workflow, the first thing that you need to do is minimize the number of tedious requirements that your employees are expected to meet. While evaluating the bottlenecks, it would also help to interview your employees and take their opinions into consideration.


Repetitive, time-consuming tasks can severely affect your productivity, as well as that of your organization. Not only do they take time, but the monotonous nature of the tasks also makes them boring to perform, which, in turn, often leads to easily avoidable mistakes. Fortunately, a significant portion of these tasks can be automated or offloaded to ensure that they require minimal intervention. Automating certain tasks might require you to invest some extra effort and money, but it can help save you, your colleagues, and your employees valuable time down the line, giving all parties involved the opportunity to tackle more important issues.

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