Style guides for 9 popular websites

It is always a good learning experience to see how successfully websites have designed their work. This is where style guides come in handy as they break down the website into different styling elements so that it is easier to learn how the whole website has been built up. The good thing is that some popular websites have published their style guides or UI kits online for all to view. I managed to round up a couple of them so that you can see everything in one place. If you have more to add, just drop a comment with the recommendation.


Style guide #1:  SurveyMonkey

style guides of websites 1

Most of us should have used SurveyMonkey before for conducting surveys online. They really are one of the best online surveys out there. Here is their style guide for those who are interested.


Style guide #2:  Disqus

style guides of websites 2

Disqus is a popular blog commenting software that a lot of popular blogs are using. They always have a sleek UI design so if you want to learn from them, click on the style guide above.


Style guide #3:  Yelp

style guides of websites 3

Yelp should be no stranger to anyone living in the US as they are the top peer reviewed site in the country. They have published a very detailed documentation on the design elements used for their site. Worth to take a look to see how they have done it.


Style guide #4:  Salesforce

style guides of websites 4

For those who have a large customer base, you will understand the importance of a solid customer management system. This is where Salesforce comes in as they are one of the best CRM system online today. Their style guide has been published on Dribbble as a UI kit. Worth a look if you are developing a more serious looking SAAS site.


Style guide #5:  Mailchimp

style guides of websites 5

Mailchimp is a great online email delivery service. One of the trait marks is their outstanding UI. If you want to learn from the best, take a look at how they have designed their website.


Style guide #6:  Firefox

style guides of websites 6

The famous Mozilla has always had a great UI design. They have published their style guide here for all to learn and reference. Definitely worth a look from one of the best in the business today.


Style guide #7:  Mapbox

style guides of websites 7

Mapbox might be relatively unknown but they have an awesome service which allows you to publish beautiful maps. Their UI is good and they have generously published their style guide in the open for reference.


Style guide #8:  Starbucks

style guides of websites 8

Starbucks might not be an online service but they operate a beautiful website. Their style guide is very minimalist but it gets the job done in communicating how the website was designed.


Style guide #9:  Mojotech

style guides of websites 9

This is a design agency’s website. For those who are interested in starting one, you can take a look at how they have styled their websites and use it as a reference for your own design.

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