Fantastic 3D Animated Characters

With the advent and continuous growth of the digital technology, everyone expects something more out of it. Digital art has revolutionized the world; and work of an artist. Digital artists have brought us many life-like creations. The technology of digital art is ameliorating day by day and the standard of digital creations is also increasing, and we can now see some unbelievable and breathtaking creations.

This art can be created by using 3D programs, drawing tablets, or simply your keyboard and mouse. It has been able to gain a lot of support and popularity, and it is now really in demand.

So today we will be giving a tribute to this art form, as we will present a collection of some of the most amazing and computer generated artworks. All these beautiful creations have been made by some of the most famous and talented artists in this field. One can see how much work, imagination and talent as been used for creating these pieces of art. They truly deserve to be called amazing and breathtaking. You will be able to see many different types of creations, symbolizing various things like good, evil, harmony, chaos, peace, war, noise and silence etc. These creations will are quite dreamlike, and would maybe remind you of your dreams and nightmares.

We hope that you would enjoy this collection and would be as amazed and captivated by each creation as we were when collecting these beautiful works of art. One can see the hard work put in by the artists, and it is totally commendable. The source of each of the image has been given to credit to the owners of these images. Enjoy!

Viking, Pedro Conti (3D)

Viking, Pedro Conti (3D)

Starfish umbrella, RIGGING DEMO link, Patryk Habryn (3D)

Starfish umbrella, RIGGING DEMO link, Patryk Habryn (3D)

Enjoying summer break, yinxuan Li Dezarmenien (3D)

16-Enjoying summer break, yinxuan Li Dezarmenien (3D)

The Shooter, Tiago Hoisel (3D)

17-The Shooter, Tiago Hoisel (3D)

Frozen Frame, Guillermo Soria (3D)

18-Frozen Frame, Guillermo Soria (3D)

Lil B! , Jose Alves Da Silva (3D)

19-Lil B! , Jose Alves Da Silva (3d)

The Flying circus, Simon Blanc (3D)

20-The Flying circus, Simon Blanc (3D)

Ehsan Hassani Moghaddam (3D)

11- Ehsan Hassani Moghaddam (3D)

Mouse Love, Jose Alves da Silva (3D)

12-Mouse Love, Jose Alves da Silva (3D)

Cthulhu, Chris Nichols (3D)

13-Cthulhu, Chris Nichols (3D)

I found it !, Jean-Michel Bihorel (3D)

14-I found it !, Jean-Michel Bihorel (3D)

Max and Milton Jason Baldwin (3D)

1-Max and Milton, Jason Baldwin (3D)

Self Portrait, Victor Hugo Queiroz (3D)

2-Self Portrait, Victor Hugo Queiroz (3D)

Atlantis Herald, Alexey Kashpersky (3D)

3-Atlantis Herald, Alexey Kashpersky (3D)

Fish Man, Fabricio Moraes (3D)

4-Fish Man, Fabricio Moraes (3D)

Tesla, Toni Bratincevic (3D)

15-Tesla, Toni Bratincevic (3D)

The Weeping Woman, Carlos Ortega Elizalde (3D)

5-The Weeping Woman, Carlos Ortega Elizalde (3D)

Jester, Raphael Boyon (3D)

6-Jester, Raphael Boyon (3D)

ElegantDancing, Xu Fei (3D)

7-ElegantDancing, Xu Fei (3D)

Old Man Win, Sergey Kolesov (2D)

10-Old Man Win, Sergey Kolesov (2D)

LITTLE ALIEN, Ali Zafati (3D)

8-LITTLE ALIEN, Ali Zafati (3D)

Space worker, Guillaume Tiberghien (3D)

9-Space worker, Guillaume Tiberghien (3D)
Cheers!, Carlos Ortega Elizalde (3D)
Cheers!, Carlos Ortega Elizalde (3D)

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