Create Wireframes with PowerPoint and PowerMockup

If you know how to use PowerPoint, you will fall in love with this add-on. PowerMockup is a great way to create mock-ups of almost anything you want.  For instance, you can create a browser, an iPhone’s layout, Video Player, Window, tablet and a lot more. Once you run the exe, PowerMockup add-on will be added to your PowerPoint’s interface. You will also get a huge set of graphical elements, icons, markup, and navigational icons. Precisely, you can easily create Wireframe templates for PowerPoint, Wireframe stencils and storyboarding with PowerPoint for an easy pre-visualization.


The best thing about PowerMockup is that you don’t have to be a technical person to use it. A layman can also use it if he/she has an understanding of PowerPoint. If not that, browsing through the add-on will help you in learning how it works. Another advantage of PowerMockup is that the wireframe created using it can be edited from a PowerPoint w/o PowerMockup. Now, let’s see what PowerPoint has to offer:

  • 13 great elements under ‘Container’ for you to have a layout of a browser, tablet, media player or an iPhone
  • 22 Graphical elements such as Place holder, discount sticker and social bookmarking bar.
  • 140 icons available
  • 13 Mark-ups
  • 36 navigational icons for instance, menu bar, link bar, drop down box and a lot more

So, PowerMockup provides you with almost 77 fully editable UI elements and 82 wireframe icons. Apart from this, PowerMockup will offer you the following:

  • Ability to export document to other formats
  • Ability to recreate the design
  • Ability to edit PowerPoint Mockups with Word document
  • Ability to print the document
  • Options to zoon, redo, undo.
  • Also supports audio/video features.

Let us quickly take a look at how to use PowerMockup:

  • For the beginners, we have explained the usage of PowerMockup in a few steps so that it is easy for the beginners to initiate:
  • Make sure you have PowerPoint 2007/2010 installed.
  • Visit to download the exe.
  • Once downloaded, run the exe. Once the set-up procedure is completed, launch PowerPoint (whatever version you have).
  • After launch, click ‘New Slide’ and select ‘Blank and the click ‘PowerMockup.’

If you are using PowerPoint 2007, the PowerMockup Stencil Library will appear on the right hand side and PowerPoint 2010 library will appear on the top of your page.

Usage of tabs in PowerMockup:



Drag the containers for the mockup versions of panel, canvas, video player, browser, iPhone, tablet and a lot more.


Graphics provides you with a lot of stuff that can be used in your Mockup version. You can add various charts, stickers and a lot more.


By clicking on ‘Icons’ link you will find a huge variety of icon and smiley. You will also find the logos of YouTube, RSS feeds, Facebook and Twitter.


Here you will find interesting elements such as colorful neon markers, sticky notes, scribbling and a lot more.


Here you will find all the important elements required to create the navigation of a website for instance, breadcrumbs, menu bar, scrollbar etc.


You can add test areas, tables, Captcha text, web ads, tool tip and a lot more.

Check for updates:

This feature allows you to see if you have installed the latest version.


About displays the latest version you have and ‘Help’ section answers your queries.

You can visit the They will email you a license code through which you will be able to use all the elements incorporated in PowerMockup.

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