Cost effective ways to better telecommunications and IT Services

One of the most significant costs to any business is everything related to IT and infrastructure. Companies are on the hook for providing their employees mobile phones, laptops and desktop computers, and often are providing tablets as well. The hardware cost alone can be astronomical, but a necessary cost for keeping the mobile employee highly productive. Globalization has allowed companies to grow and diversify their customer base. Though globalization has increased costs as well. Employees need to be able to tap into their company’s server from anywhere in the world, at anytime of the day. This type of global connection includes the use of readily available telephone services, which can be quite costly when crossing continental lines!

This is precisely where SIP trunking has become a popular choice for companies in order to keep their costs low and their services reliable. There are actually quite a few SIP trunk providers Canada to choose from.  With SIP trunking you are able to replace all of your voice circuits with a single IP connection. These telephony services are being picked up by the largest corporations in the world because they are a fraction of the cost of traditional communications services. Some estimates say a company can experience a 40% decrease in annual cost. While telephone services are a large cost, and an important aspect of SIP trunking, it isn’t the only one.

Consider all of the other needs that global companies experience. You can save vast amounts of money on travel and entertainment expenses by switching to a reliable SIP trunk provider. You can stream not only voice, but video as well. Reliable video conferencing has shown to be an effective way of communicating with colleagues and customers overseas. There are even items like shared whiteboards that have little difference from a real white or blackboard in person.

These services also save money in other unexpected ways, mainly through helpdesk resolution. Consider all of the tickets submitted each day to companies helpdesks. There are no shortages of IT and software issues, and it’s simply not feasible to have an helpdesk employee on site for every location, especially when there are cheaper ways to do it. SIP trunking allows quick and reliable desktop sharing. An IT technician can login to an employees desktop remotely from anywhere in the world. This not only allows cost savings, but it’s also extremely time effective as well!

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