Responsive WordPress eCommerce Designs. Bring Your Jigoshop Store to the Next Level

A friend of mine inspired me to write this post. One day I found her playing with her pretty new iPad and searching the web. Must admit, she is a real online shopaholic who completely forgot when she went shopping to brick and mortar stores last time. Recently she exclaimed: “Finally an online store that works on my iPad!”

Well, this short introductory passage illustrates that there are not so many online stores that has already optimized their storefronts to smartphones and other portable devices. As Forester Research shows, 71% of online retailers are not mobile ready at all. Today everybody’s comfort is in their handled devices. Users are looking for a more convenient and simpler way to make purchases, so the shift has to be towards being responsive.

In this blogpost we gathered the most attractive responsive eCommerce designs for online stores powered by WordPress Jigoshop. Why have we chosen WordPress? The answer is simple. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems nowadays, and together with Jigoshop it can also be an excellent solution for eCommerce projects, such as online clothes stores, furniture e-shops, fashion boutiques, car dealers and even travel agency websites.

What is Jigoshop?

Jigoshop is a quite new, but yet popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It’s built upon WordPress core, and together with it you’ll get all benefits of this leading platform: extreme usability, security, high customization, and a great support to cover your back.

With Jigoshop you will be able to sell physical, digital and virtual products, manage orders and configure product attributes. Jigoshop makes it possible for you to promote your products by creating discount coupons, by cross-selling and up-selling the products, by providing your customers with the opportunity to write product reviews, etc. It provides multiple payment gateways, but some of the extensions, like PayPal PRO, Google Cjeckout, are paid. You may enhance your Jigoshop with a great deal of custom add-ons and widgets developed by the active Jigoshop community. By the way, Jigoshop is translated into more than 16 languages, that’s a great win! Jigoshop is an open source plug-in, so don’t expect on premium support from developers’ side. Undoubtedly, it requires some programming skills.

Putting Jigoshop manually on WordPress requires lots of work to execute. But there are ready-made WordPress eCommerce solutions based on Jigoshop functionality – Jigoshop themes. Below are presented some catchy and well thought-out examples of Responsive Jigoshop themes. You may see the designs in action just resizing your browser window and watching the layout respond. You can see how the sidebars and content blocks adapt, how images reposition and resize with the screen to serve similar-but-different versions of the page to each device. Enjoy the collection!

Responsive WordPress eCommerce Themes: Jigoshop Themes

Interior Company Jigoshop Theme


Books Store Jigoshop theme


Jigoshop theme for a knitting store


Jigoshop theme for a car parts and accessories store


Jigoshop theme for a shoes store


Interior accessories store, Jigoshop theme


Jigoshop theme for an eye glasses store


Clothes store Jigoshop template


Jigoshop theme for a travel agency


Jigoshop template for a travel agency


Jigoshop theme for a surfing e-shop


Jigoshop theme for a kids store


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  1. Matt says:

    Never heard of Jigoshop before, the examples look great.

    How’s it stack up against other options already available?

  2. George Bellamy says:

    Nice! Looks like its worthwhile, even better that its open source!

  3. Jigishop sounds great for responsive ecommerce themes. Fantastic samples! I guess, it’s worth a try. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for sharing introduction abut eCommerce website in wordpress base. really nice and informative information 🙂