15 examples of beautiful typography in web design

One aspect of design that site owners don’t put enough emphasis on is their typography. After they’ve finished setting up their web hosting and designing their site, they don’t think too much about the font they’re using. This is a big mistake because the typography of your site is a big part of your design. Most sites are content based and the font will set the tone for the look, feel and flow. To give you some great ideas for your font, here are some examples of beautiful typography you can get inspired by.


1. Chris Wilhite

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Chris Wilhite mixes and matches serif and sans-serif to get more out of his font. He plays around with font sizes and spacing between each letter to attract attention to different parts of his site.


2. Scytale


Scytale uses a very straightforward but well-executed font for their website. They use strong bolding and sans-serif for their headlines and serif on a small text to create a contrast that increases the readability of the text.


3. Little Lines

Like the Scytale example, Little Lines uses sans-serif for their headlines and serif for their regular text. What really makes their typography stand out is the spacing on their headlines. It really makes the words stretch out which draws in your eyes.


4. Grafik

Less spacing can be great too. Grafik makes a bold statement about their services by using huge bolded fonts. This is clearly a custom font as there are small cutaways on capitalized letters which creates a unique look.


5. Three Cents

Three Cents uses a brilliant custom script font to add a unique style to their brand. What makes this font so great is the fact that it is easy to read unlike other fonts done in script. You can tell they’ve put in the time to fix this common problem when coming up with their custom font.


6. U+D

U+D uses typography that is very reminiscent of the font you’d find in a high quality magazine editorial. This creates a professional and authoritative look that helps them sell the image they’re trying to portray as designers.


7. AmazeeLabs

Amazeelabs has some unique and beautiful fonts that really add to the visual presentation of their site. Their logo font is well designed and they use a paper mache-like font for their headlines. It’s not as readable as other typography but it gets you to pay attention and commit to reading it.


8. Carsonified

Carsonified combines retro 70’s style typography with animation style typography. The font doesn’t take itself too seriously and the bolding really makes you pay attention. This beautiful setup is backed by various colors that turn this site into eye candy.


9. Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney uses a beautiful custom typography for their brand name. It’s made up of dotted lettering to create a hip yet couture look to the brand. The site’s regular text focuses on being unpretentious and readable so that you can focus on the designer’s clothing line.


10. Themes Kingdom

Themes Kingdom uses oversized capital letters for their typography. It creates a great contrast with the lower case letters. They use a very slim, smooth and clean font that results in a high readability score.


11. Infinvision

Sometimes, it’s not about just one font. It’s about using multiple fonts together to create the theme for your site. Infinvision combines italics, bold lettering and various font sizes to create a subtle but intuitively designed site.


12. Deskpass

Deskpass uses bold lettering and medium spacing for a simple but effective font. Their font is set on a yellow background with no hero images accompanying it. This minimalist approach gets the users to focus on the message.


13. Museum of Wifi

Playing into a theme is a great way to decide on what typography to use. Museum of Wifi comically uses the font that you’d find from a network router manual and the menu to control your Wi-Fi logins for their font. This font works brilliantly on the site.


14. Ed Stafford

Sometimes all it takes to create great typography is to add small accents that result in a ton of character. Ed Stafford uses lettering that’s rugged and worn to play into the survival theme.


15. Zero Degrees

Zero Degrees uses a vintage style font that works perfectly for their restaurant. It almost seems like one of those fonts that come attached to the theme given out by your web hosting provider. It uses bold font with font shadows that is very reminiscent of old school delis and bakeries. Again, the theme is important when choosing the typography for your site.

So what fonts will you use for your site? There aren’t many hard rules on how you should use your typography. The only things you need to be worried about is making sure that the font delivers on how you want to portray your business or brand and making sure that your font has high readability. You can see from the examples above that there’s no limit to what you can do with your font. It’s all up to your creativity.


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