35 Best Photoshop Food Tutorials

Photoshop is most the popular and widely used image editing and manipulation program. It is loved by its users as it is quite easy to use once you get used to it and familiar with it. Photoshop lets you experiment with various images, thus letting your create some amazing and surreal pieces of art. And sometimes Photoshop can help you add life and spice to daily live objects, or create them from scratch! One such thing is food.

Food is beautiful to look at as it has some amazing vibrant colors in it, along with different textures and looks. So creating images of tasty and mouthwatering food is not that easy – but thanks to all the amazing tutorials available out there, it has become quite simple. Some eat to live, while others live to eat! The latter are usually known as foodies. To foodies, food is one of the main sources of comfort, enjoyment, inspiration and happiness! So if you are a foodie, then check out this amazing collection of 50 Tremendous Photoshop Food Tutorials!

Create a Cereal Box Cover

Cereal Box Cover

Vector Masks

Ginger Bread Man

Create an Ice Cream Type Treatment

Ice Cream Type Treatment

Create an Elephant Sundae

Elephant Sundae

Create a Stylish Coffee Cup

Stylish Coffee Cup

Creating Good Enough to Eat Typography

Good Enough to Eat Typography

Create Candy Cane Text


How to Illustrate a Delicious Ice Cream Bar


Create Orange Texture in a Car


Chocolaty Valentine’s Day Card for Your Girlfriend


Create a Chocolate Volcano Using 3D Effects


Create a Sweet Donut Icon


Create a Tasty Cupcake Icon


Create a Cookie Text Effect in Photoshop


How to Create a Cute Green Apple Photo Manipulation


Create a Festive Cocktail


Awesome Milk Typography Effect


Create a Gingerbread Cookie Scene


Create Delicious Cookie Text


Real Apple Logo In Photoshop

Real Apple Logo

Coffee Cake Photo Manipulation


Beautiful Egg Planet Manipulation

Egg Planet

Create A Realistic Loaf of Bread

Realistic Loaf of Bread

Design a Coffee Shop Menu Layout

Coffee Shop Menu Layout

Create a Delicious Green Apple Illustration

Green Apple

Create Popcorn Box

Popcorn Box

Vibrant Photo Manipulation

Vibrant Photo Manipulation

Yummy Cookies Typography In Photoshop

Yummy Cookies Typography

Food Photography

Food Photography

Create a Lollipop Candy in Photoshop

Lollipop Candy

Draw Simple Fruit

Simple Fruit

3D Food Box in Photoshop

3D Food Box

Banana Style Text Effect

Banana Style Text Effect

Photoshop Before & After: Salmon

Before and After Salmon

Create a Citrus Fruit Design

Citrus Fruit Design

Food Photography Blur in Photoshop

Using Photoshop to Blur the Background

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