5 Simple additions to make your blog better

 Blogging is here to stay, as blogs serve many purposes. They entertain, inform, and even serve as a way to increase your SEO standings. But a blog is not a blog is not a blog. Some are so poorly put together that the end user has a desire to leave immediately (and possibly scream). Some bloggers have not mastered the art of passing along information. Other blogs might have pretty pictures but a dozen spelling errors in the Bio alone. You can’t just throw a blog into the blogosphere and expect it to perform. It takes work but, when it pays off, it feels amazing. Adhere to the following five simple additions to make your blog better and watch your popularity soar.


  1. Killer Content

You can have the most beautiful blog in the world and it’ll go nowhere fast without quality content. Content truly is king. Whether you’re offering your opinions or facts on your subject matter, make sure your words are aimed straight at the reader’s heart. It might sound schmaltzy but people are more likely to forward a blog post that has struck an emotional chord than anything else. Ask yourself, “How will this strike my readers?” And then sock ‘em with the good stuff … right in the “feels”, as the saying goes!

Remember that the point of a blog is to feel as though you’re conversing with your reader, so you can go casual with your tone. Be succinct, as people don’t have a lot of time to read these days, but remember to post often to stay relevant. And a quick tip: Be sure to have content before the fold on a page, as readers who are just coming to your blog aren’t likely to scroll down to learn more! Check out a site like Bestly Products to see how they handle their content.


  1. Add a Customizable Theme

It’s easy to throw up a free blog and put words online but it takes effort (and at least some money) to make it not look like a giant eyesore. If you want your blog to do well, you have to make it look pretty. Trust us when we tell you people like pretty … and clean (think white background). People also like to know who you are and what you’re about, and choosing a theme that reflects that. Choose a service like Blogpress and you can pick from over 150 themes. If you can’t figure it out, hire a freelance web developer. It’s that simple and often worth the investment. When the reviews come rolling in, you’ll likely be glad you got help.


  1. Add the Bells ‘n’ Whistles

In the blogging world, bells and whistles are called “plug-ins”. These are things you can add to your blog that make them function more effectively. But once you get the ones that you really need to have—like a floating social media bar so people can find you on social media—you can start having fun with some that you want. For example, consider a Soliloquy Slider. As this article on WordPress for beginners notes, this kind of slider won’t slow down your site like some other sliders will. The article goes on to note that it is “the fastest slider plugin which loads your sliders at blazing fast speeds.” If you feature a lot of photos, load an Envira Gallery plugin. It looks fantastic on any device, has a lot of cool effects, and is easy to navigate.


  1. Don’t Bury the “Lead”

Your header is the first thing people see when going to your blog, so make sure it’s not too big but that it’s very strong. Let them know who you are up front. You can use a bold but simple font. Don’t use anything too crazy, as hell hath no fury like a person who is turned off by a certain font. Of course, include your blog name, a sub head if you’re going for that, and a photo of yourself if that’s appropriate.


  1. Add a Regular Feature

If your blog is successful, you will get “fans” or “regulars”. This is an exciting feeling, and you want to reward these people for their repeat visits. Consider adding a feature each week—one that has become popular with these frequent guests. It could be a “Top 10” list a “Caption This” segment. Whatever it is, make sure to do it on the same day (and preferably the same time) every week. Trust us when we tell you these people will make a note of it.


Add these additions to your blog and watch your blog popularity increase with them

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