4 User-Friendly web design ideas

Having a well-designed website can really bring some advantages. When users can easily navigate the interface on your main page, they are much more likely to access other pages in your website. More views make it more likely that you will be meeting whatever the goals are of your web pages. When you undertake the process of web-design, there are some key strategies that will help make things a lot easier for people who come to check it out. This short list of tips will act as a sort of checklist for your own web design and development.


Allow Users to Register Accounts

Setting up an easy process for users to register on your website will make them more likely to come back. This is especially true when you provide special features and incentives for people to register. A good way to go about this is with a multi-step form wizard. When you segment the registration process into easy-to-digest chunks, it makes the process flow much smoother. It is especially helpful to have an easy-to-see button right on your home page that users can click on and start the process right away.


Use Background Animations and Videos

Visual media keeps users engaged. When you have quick little videos that automatically start playing when users log on to your website, they are much more likely to stay on your page longer. The key with this kind of feature is moderation. You don’t want to overwhelm users. That being said, your website can gain some much-needed visibility with a few simple, engaging videos that are relevant to your content. If you are looking to enhance the content of your pages, this is a quick and easy way to do it.


Long Scroll

One option you may consider is a long scroll format, which allows users to stay on one page longer, simply scrolling down to continue through the content you want them to see. This provides an excellent storytelling facet to users’ browsing experiences, and can be smoothly integrated with animations and links. Seeing as many people are now browsing on smartphones and other mobile devices, this method is particularly appealing. Consider utilizing a website builder  that will give you the option to decide how to format your pages.


Engaging Typography

Artistic, large fonts that have clever messages can make a strong impact on the viewers of your website. Images or banners with key text in a unique font can help break up the process of reading large blocks of text. This will help keep users interested in your page and reading on until the end.


Stay on the Cutting Edge of Web Design

Make sure you are constantly keeping up to date on the most recent trends in web design. Developers are coming up with more new and creative ideas every day. Take a hint from the most successful websites, and look at which ones are best at getting high rankings on search engines. As you continue to add elements to your website, you will gain experience and become savvier at attracting new users and getting them to stick around.

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