Web Usability Testing Tools For Your User Experience

Want to develope a website or app that stands out from all the rest? Then you should always keep in mind two things, i.e, usability and user experience. These two things are really significant factors for developing an awesome website or app. Many tools are present out there that allow you to make your app or website a lot more usable and also provide an amazing experience for your users. But the question is, which of those tools are good ones? Well the answer is given in this article, as we have collected a list of extremely useful web usability testing tools. Check them out!


intuitionhq-Web Usability Testing Tools

IntuitionHQ allows creating tasks, adding screenshots and then sending them out to anyone you want. Then you can see how they interact with your designs and UIs through a heatmap. You will not get a lot of information, but still it is a fast and cheap tool that will provide you with all the basic information. ($9)


fivesecondtest-Web Usability Testing Tools

As the name suggests, this tool lets you show your user a screenshot for five seconds, and then you can see what thing sticks in their mind. (free – $200/month)


gotomeeting- Web Usability Testing Tools

GoToMeeting is similar to Skype. It provides easy communication with your users. It is a great alternative of Skype, if you ever need one.($49/month)


ethnio-Web Usability Testing Tools

Ethnio allows you to intercept users on your website and ask them whatever question you want or even call them. It is an awesome way to ask people to test. It looks awesome too! (free – $199/month)


whatusersdo-Web Usability Testing Tools

This is an amazing tool that provides you testers. It then records videos of them using your website and their comments too on their experience. And then from this feedback you can make changes accordingly. (£30+/user)

Feedback Army

feedback-army-Web Usability Testing Tools

Do you want to get feeback quickly? If so, then you should definitely check Feedback Army out. It lets you submit questions regarding your website and then pay to get responses from their reviewers quickly. ($15/test)

Loop 11

loop-11-Web Usability Testing Tools

Loop 11 allows you to create tests and tasks. Then you can send them to users and then get a report of results. It is also available in an annual license. ($350/test)


usabilla-Web Usability Testing Tools

Create tasks, send them out and receive feedback. Simple. Users also have the choice of leaving comments on each of your screenshots. You provide your own participants, peaking out at 200 on the $139 plan. (free – $139/month)


navflow-Web Usability Testing Tools

Navflow allows uploading a sequence of screenshots with a fixed task/success method and then sending them out to your users to let them check them out. The results that you then get are based on the success criteria fixed by you. (free – $200/month)

Video Testing


clicktale-Web Usability Testing Tools

Want to know how the visitors on your website use it? Now doing this is possible — thanks to Clicktale. This great tool allows recording everything your visitors do on your website, even keystrokes ad mouse moves! And you can monitor results too. ($99 – $990/month)


trymyui-Web Usability Testing Tools

TryMyUI is quite like WhatUsersDo. It provides a video of a tester using your site and tell what they think of it. They give a written response to a questionnaire too. ($25/test)


userfly-Web Usability Testing Tools

Userfly allows recording videos of your users on your website — even the mouse movements and clicks too, so you can review and get data from. (free – $200/month)


userlytics-Web Usability Testing Tools

This one provides particpants, and then records videos of the users and the things they do when on your website. You can also ask a survery post your 10 minute test. ($299/test)


usertesting-Web Usability Testing Tools

UserTesting is quite like Userlytics, but here you are required to pay for one tester at a time. It provides you with a video of users talking about your website while they are using it, and also a written summary of problems they faced. ($39/tester)


openhallway-Web Usability Testing Tools

OpenHallway is yet another website that records users as when they are using your website. The difference is that they host your video online for you, and then you give your own testers. ($19 – $199/month)

More Tools


xsort-Web Usability Testing Tools

This is an awesome card sorting app for Mac OS X. Love card sorting? If so, then you should definitely get this app. The best part is that it is totally free! (free)

Note: Card sorting is a great way for working out the navigation structures


websort-Web Usability Testing Tools

Websort is a great online card sorting app that provides various functionalities like methods of connecting with survey websites, opening and closing tests, and a lot of ways of accessing and viewing your results. ($149 – $2,499)


gazehawk-Web Usability Testing Tools

This one is an amazing eye tracking tool that provides you with participants and then results. This is done via heatmaps and replays and the way people interact with your website. ($495 – $995+)

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    Amazing list of Usability Testing tools are summarized in one place. Learn the list of features, pricing, real-user experience on the advanced web analytics platform – AboutAnalytics.com


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    Been using http://www.clicktale.com. Much more than just usability. Improves experience and conversion

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    It is amazing the things fresh website testers will find that were so easily overlooked during the design phase. Services like http://www.usertesting.com are invaluable to ironing out bugs early.