4 Steps to choosing a product to sell online

You can’t have an online store without products; you know this and that’s why you’ve been researching for product ideas to sell online. As a matter of fact, choosing products to sale online is a daunting task – of course you may accidentally stumble onto a best seller; but most often than not: you would have put in serious work before you come up with a viable and profitable product idea.

So for most of us who doesn’t get lucky with sudden inspiration for a product or niche market to venture into, how do we choose the right product in the right niche?

That’s the question this post aims to answer.

Before we go on, here’re some product guidelines to follow when choosing products to sell online:

  • You should be able to ship the product easily without undue concern for its capacity to hold up with the handling.
  • The product should to take up much space.
  • The product should be timeless
  • Avoid selling seasonal products if you can
  • Sell goods that sell from $15 – $200 – this price range has been shown to be the sweet spot for online sales.

So with those guidelines in mind let’s go hunting for product ideas:


Conveniently provide solutions to pain- points: What’s the aim of businesses – to solve problems right? Where do you find problems – in every day interactions right? Now sit back and recall those moments when you had challenges but couldn’t find solutions easily. Listen and pay attention to what people around you are complaining about – this is another pointer to a problem that needs a solution.


Use Data from Popular Ecommerce sites: the next best place to search of product ideas is using data to figure out what people are actually buying. Amazon’s best seller, Aliexpress most popular products, Ebay daily, etc. are great places to start your search. The advantage of using these tools is that you actually see how products are performing and which ones are popular among buyers.


Leverage Google trends: If there’s one tool to make your big buck with your online store, then it is leveraging the Google trend data. With this tool, you’re able to see trending products, and products that are likely to start trending. How does this benefit you? You’re able to get in and position yourself and your brand as an authority before others catch up.

So with Google trend you can make an intelligent guess about products that would be selling like hot cake and get in position.


Use Comparison shopping Engines: another great tool for generating product ideas is the comparison shopping engines. Every day millions of buyers use these engines to search best deals online. Some of the popular comparison sites include: Google shopping, shopzilla, Shopping.com, Nextag, etc. The statistics you got from here can help you narrow down your niche.


Final thoughts

Source for product ideas to sale online is an important step in setting up and running a successful online business, however, this is quite a daunting task and can get pretty intimidating if you don’t know where to look. Using the tools above not only eases the process you’re also abound to come up with profitable products to sale in your online shop.


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